I feel a tad awkward spruiking a Sydney event, but regardless, here's the details:

  • Contact: Michael McGrath: Send Email
  • Distance: to be decided
  • Notes: There will be a Sydney Ride of Silence on Saturday 24th May 2008, starting at 10am from Hyde Park.
  • Route and finish to be confirmed. Anyone willing to help with route planning, marshalling or promotion please contact Michael using the link above.

    So far there are seven rides planned across Australia in Adelaide, Bendigo, Bowral, Canberra, Melbourne, Mount Isa and Sydney Town. Ok a few are missing details on the RoS site, I'll send a few emails and get that tidied up.

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This is a really important event to get behind, especially in the aftermath of yesterday's carnage. Its also an opportune venue to bring more media attention to the consequences of the policies of The Sopranos and the unchecked culture or road rage that exists in this city. If you’re in a cycling club of BUG, try to organise a ride that will join in with Ride of Silence, invite friends, and place some flyers in your local bike shop.
Here is a comment I got from a friend who went on last years ride.

"Unfortunately Stuart I wouldn't recommend doing this ride. I did it last year as my friend's father was killed on Foreshore Drive a few months previously, and I pulled out of the ride only about 2km into it. The guy leading the group wanted everyone to stay together and would wait on the other side of traffic lights for the whole bunch to get through if the light changed (and it was a big bunch) - the route goes along Liverpool St near Chinatown - and there are heaps of lights to get through to get to Clarence St then lots of lights along Clarence. We were causing quite a bit of trouble for the Saturday traffic in these areas and I was embarrassed to be a part of it. There are a lot of PeeWee Herman bikes, mountain bikes and lots of people who never ride on the road. Unless it is being organised by someone like the head of your riding club - a seasoned road cyclist I wouldn't do it again."

So, in response I have volunteered to help organise on the day and if anybody else has input about how it should be run then maybe you could email Michael or volunteer to help out.
Thanks for the feedback Stuart. We really look forward to your helping out as a marshal this year.

Yes we were caught on the hop last year. After submitting our intention to ride, we were assured a police escort, but none showed up.
I'd like to see how the roadies, who are used to travelling at 30km/h+ not 10, would organise a slow ride with (as Stuart says) all sorts of riders, some with limited skills and traffic lights.

These are the riders at most risk on the road and we did what was most appropriate to shepherd them along, waiting patiently at the side until they caught up.
At no point were we causing trouble to traffic, though. I didn't hear of one incident where cars were inconvenienced.
I think the road cyclists, who are not used to being sitting ducks, simply became impatient at the slow progress. Those riders who stuck it out to the end at Parliament house were enthusiastic and complimentary about the way we ran the event with so little support.
I am disappointed that a rider from last year chose to complain to you, rather than offer his help during the ride if he thought he could improve the situation.
We certainly welcome any input, especially from those who have experience at organising mass rides.
All volunteers welcome. We also welcome anyone with personal experience who would like to speak before or after the ride and share their stories.
Michael McGrath
RIde of Silence
Sydney Australia
Here's a promotional video for Ride of Silence Australia.

Also on You Tube.
Is fear-mongering a positive form of advocacy? Will it discourage people from riding on the street?

First up, I can't stand that US PSA video that is discussed in the article you have linked.

The US video, as well-meaning as it is, accentuated something completely the wrong way. Hence why I've had a lash at an Australian version complete with a Hunter & Collectors soundtrack. IMHO it's about doing the ride, the event, showing dignity and respect, not buying into some over the top US-style cultural references that doesn't fit here.


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