Another radio spot on cycling... We certainly can't complain about the lack of exposure lately from the national broadcaster. It'd just be good if more people around Sydney heard it....

Although it wasn't particularly Sydney related, I did find one comment very interesting: That the majority of accidents involving motorists and cyclists are the result of 'dooring'. Does anybody have any figures or comments relating to this?

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Having ridden in a number of European countries (not France though) i have to say that overall the motorists, including truck drivers (maybe not bus drivers though), are very considerate to cyclists. I think that Europeans cyclists probably think that motorists are inconsiderate because they have never really been in a culture such as Sydney where cycling is really frowned upon. I find that in countries where roads are considered places where things are transported by any means (car, truck, tractor, horse cart, bicycle or foot) rather than solely just by motor vehicles have the most considerate drivers. On one of the national highways in India they have a smaller lane that is used by cyclists, scooters, carts and walkers and it works really well. Besides, as someone said to me those car drivers in Europe are polite because their mums ride bicycles and no one wants to hit their mum.


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