$1.3 million in cycle fines in first months of new laws dwarf penalties for motorists

And it just keeps coming, don't know if there is a pro cycling conspiracy at SMH or they are just highlighting continued stupid state government activity. Clearly I am out of touch with reality but I would have thought some rational thinkers (?) in the liberals might have cried "enough" by now in relation to the continued policy of anti cycling, we are told that some of them are more progressive?

Anyway, if you don't have time to read  the story the summary is cycling fine "revenue" projected at 4 times the last pre increase year (already double the previous year for 6 months to date since March) AND only 15 motorists fined for unsafe passing of cyclists in the same period, I get this number on an average ride.

Can't say I am surprised.


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It seems that stories about anti cycling measures reducing the number of cyclists might be false

I come and go from Sydney many times a year, from other places, in Australia and overseas. Always on a bike. My anecdote is that Sydney does make it as a "bike town". There are plenty of places where I see a lot fewer people on bikes. Sure, Sydney is unfair and even dangerous. But cycling is a brilliant way to get around in Sydney and many people know it and are doing it.

The OP raised the issue of the Herald and pondered whether or not their current bias against the government may lead them to exaggerate the bike subject. I think it does. But also they have some bike-savvy reporters and commentators of recent years and it is impressive how much they have pushed for bikes.

I'd love to see the Herald run the "less public parking on suburban streets" angle more. And the "reduced speed limits" case more. Confiscating hoons cars permanently. Left turn at red lights ok for cyclists. Cyclists riding (carefully) across a ped crossing when a ped is still on it. Adult cyclists ok to ride on footpath carefully when option is not available. Failure to meet targets for greenhouse emission reduction from transport sector automatically cause increase funding of off-street parking and bike infrastructure. 

'Cyclists riding (carefully) across a ped crossing when a ped is still on it.'

-- I think this is permitted already, the ARR requirement is to give way to the ped.

Perhaps but I was busted for it. A motorcycle cop. The ped was right across the other side and it was in Croydon on a quiet intersection. He was just being a smart arse in a uniform.

They do that. You can see 'not stopping' in the figures in the paper.

I hope you were not carrying ID.

It seems that stories about anti cycling measures reducing the number of cyclists might be false

Thing is, bike counts don't take in total numbers in an area, they count peeps going through one intersection. So a new bike lane will become a conduit for riders who might have permeated through other streets. Now that a protected north-south crossing has FINALLY been completed in the CBD, lanes like Kent at Druitt have a chance to shine. 

Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!

Yes, specific intersections and all that.

Typical of websites these days, they don't give a date. Are they talking about recent 2016 bike counts?

Yes, they cite October 2016 counts

Is the drop compared with October 2015 ?



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