Well that didn't take long, less than a week and we've had the first person sign up just to post abusive stuff on the forum and on peoples photos.

The most tedious part about running online communities is trolls and how to moderate them.

So, basically this is the story. We're here to discuss, meet people and generally have a good time. Nobody has the inclination to deal with people just here to mess that up.

With that in mind, I'm going to have a bit of a zero tolerance for spammers and people who are just here to make a mess or be abusive. I'm just going to ban them straight away.

I think that will make the place more fun for everyone that way.

Comments welcome :)

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As someone responsible for another online community, can totally empathise. Fine by me!
Suits me - there are plenty of other hidey holes for trolls to go to.
I'd support a draconian response to any trolling. Trolls are idiots. And if you have trolls lurking in a community, taking potshots at people, it means that other community members moderate their responses to issues, cos no one wants to give the trolls ammunition. This devalues the entire purpose of the website.

Banishment is the best!
Just a note from a slightly different angle...

I have some tolerance for trolls, but it depends on what kind of troll you're dealing with.

People who are just out to destroy an online community: zero tolerance.
People who just want to be abusive: close enough to zero tolerance.
Spammers: zero tolerance
People who enjoy playing devil's advocate: to be tolerated, depending on how interesting they are.
People who don't know when to stop: to be warned, and then banished if they don't reform.
People who play devil's advocate with a sly and witty sense of humour designed to mock the self-important and humourless: to be encouraged :)

Trolls come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are good, some are evil, and some are just boring.
That's actually a pretty good summary of how I feel Colin, thanks for putting it so well.
yes I agree... we get enough abuse on the road
What causes a blog post to have comment moderation turned on?
It's in your settings.
Maybe I'm getting paranoid, but when I tried to add a comment to my own blog post, a message was displayed saying that my comment would be subject to moderation.

Here's the relevant setting:

Maybe you can't be trusted :)

I'm not sure about that, I haven't seen it. Could have been a glitch but let me know if it happens again.
I got that as well. I just thought it was part of the deal. Don't be paranoid Colin.
cool - bring it on


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