Big hello to every cyclist caught in the Sydney monsoon this morning

I'm sure everyone in the cars spraying me with couldn't understand why I had a big smile on my face, but I have to same I love riding in that kinda rain. . .once you accept you can't get wetter it's so much fun. BUT. . .can anyone recommend a good rain jacket that doesn't have the boil-in-the-bag effect?

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Whew, I see what you mean Dave. . .looks cool though I could buy a tumble dryer for that money. . .
I have a bright orange Ground Effects jacket. It's really comfortable to wear and I don't get that 'boil in the bag' effect.
I waited until it finished, then set out.
It helps that my commute is currently less than 2kms :)
meh... I don't bother trying to keep dry.

I figure you're going to get wet anyway.

I just make sure
a) clothes aren't the saturating kind. Wicking fluoro jersey and knicks (black, please)
b) I stay warm. In Sydney, (though I'm never out too early), I find the most I need is a pair of thermals (tops and bottoms) under the jersey and knicks... a fleece skullcap (home made) and a pair of gloves for the cold mornings to save the fingers

Fortunately, work has a dryer :) So at least I don't have to get into wet clothes for the trip home.

I managed to just catch the tail of both this morning's deluge and the evening one, as well.


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