Hi all
I'm new to the forums, thanks for having me! After 18 years of riding an old Indy 300 Vagabond mountain bike (sturdy as a mountain goat) I am tired of getting a sore back. The bike is too small (I got it when I was a teenager) and I am ready to get the next bike.

I've visited Europa Cycles on Anzac Parade and am wondering about their custom-made frames specifically made for "your" body size and shape. Does anyone have any experience with them?

I am an inner city cyclist, using my bike regularly to hack around the inner west and into town and over to "the other side" and I carry quite a lot of stuff in my pannier too. I am very tall, and have found it hard to get a bike that fits me...

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Europa solution?

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I don't know Europa cycles, but I've heard they have a good replacement warranty on their frames. At the end of the day, a good bike shop should be able to fit you out on a bike thats right for you, or make some adjustments (stem, handle bar, saddle). Unless you are very very tall, custom frames should not be necessary (although you may have trouble finding stock models to test ride in bike shops). If your carrying a lot of stuff in panniers, your going to want a bike with strong wheels (i.e. a high spoke count and good rims). I'd have a look at some steel frame touring bikes like the Surly, Fuji and Vivente.
Hi, I know the bike that I ride (World Randonneur) comes in XLarge. The guy who designed it is incredibly tall. I love my bike and i ride it every day, have gone touring with it (India and Qld) and the only problem that I have had is that the gear cable needed to be changed after 3000kms.
thanks dave (and thanks kim and adrian) for your thoughts.

europa's frames (the ones i am looking at) are fully "chromoly" according to the guy I spoke to.

although looking again at their website, i see they do aluminium ones too, which must be the ones you are referring to, dave.

i just rang europa again and they have a lifetime warranty on the frames.


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