Hi, I hope this isn't a dumb question so forgive me if it is. Are car drivers allowed to drive on the designated cycle lane on the road? I live in Summer Hill and the round about there has a cycle lane as you exit. It's only about 5 metres long but I am grateful that it's there. I am getting really annoyed at the number of car drivers who suddenly swerve in front of me while I'm in the cycle lane in order to get to the traffic lights five seconds earlier. This morning a car driver squeezed his/her petrol guzzeling monstrosity into the bike lane but had to drive up onto the footpath to get through and then ended up blocking the cycle lane as the lights had turned red. Is this allowed or I am just grumpy today?

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Good question.

I have spoken to police and local councils on several occasions and there seems to be no clear answer as to what are the responsibilities of drivers in regards to on road bike lanes. Certainly, cars park in bike lanes all the time (even when there less than 1.5 metres wide). In relation to driving into bike lanes this is also ambiguous. Certainly, I’ve seen drivers drive in bike lanes, such as the counter-flow ‘green’ bike lane on Wilson Street, Newtown. Often, directly into the path of an oncoming cyclist.

My gut feeling is this is an area of the law that has not been developed, however it would probably be worthwhile making a formal request to the RTA asking for clarification on this matter.
"the vehicle with the biggest wheels has right of way". Sorry, I have to correct you there as my bike has 700mm wheels whereas most cars have up to 533.4 (21 inch) wheels. A suitable replacement rule would be "The vehicle with the most weight (mass) has right of way." This rule also coincides with the mentality of the "suburban" 4WD owners who think they have 100% exclusive right to the road because they are in a bigger vehicle.

Off on a tangent, this reminds me of the 4WD add where the mothers are picking up (or dropping off) their children to/from school. The tag line was "a 4WD that drives like a car". My variation of that add would be as follows:

- Mothers in 4WDs arrive at the school (unchanged from the original ad)
- Then the three women notice a small car driving up to the school. The women driving the small car is enjoying the "car feel".
- The voiceover says "If you want something that drives like a car, buy a car"

fade to black.
If it is a so called bike lane and that means it is marked on the road and by the sign eg the contraflow lanes in Wilson St, and the bike lanes in George St Redfern then the driver can be booked for parking in them.

288 Driving on a path ($114 fine)
(1) A driver (except the rider of a bicycle) must not drive on a path,
unless subrule (2) or (3) applies to the driver.
(2) A driver may drive on a path if the driver is:
(a) driving on a part of the path indicated by information on or
with a traffic control device as a part where vehicles may drive;
(b) driving on the path to enter or leave, by the shortest
practicable route, a road-related area or adjacent land and there
is not a part of the path indicated by information on or with a
traffic control device as a part where vehicles may drive; or
(c) permitted to drive on the path under another law of this
(3) A driver may drive a motorised wheelchair on a path if:
(a) the unladen mass of the wheelchair is not over 110
kilograms; and
(b) the wheelchair is not travelling over 10 kilometres per hour;
(c) because of the driver’s physical condition, the driver has a
reasonable need to use a wheelchair.
(4) A driver on a path (except the rider of a bicycle, or a driver
driving on the path to enter a road from a road-related area or
adjacent land, or to enter a road-related area or adjacent land from
a road) must give way to all other road users, and to animals, on
the path.
(5) This rule does not apply to the rider of an animal riding the
animal on a footpath.
(6) In this rule path means a bicycle path, footpath or shared path.
An idiot is an idiot regardless of what they are driving/riding etc. I have seen tiny little cars push their way into the cycle lane. My question was to do with any motorised vehicle being in the cylce lane and whether that was allowed. Unfortunately, i dont' think that there is a sign to say that it's bike lane but I'll let Ashbug know to see if they can do something about it. Thanks for everyone's responses.


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