Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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I think its a great place to come and chat about cycling in the community at large and especially to share info etc with like minded people. With enough members I can see it being a useful resource to find out about rides, bike stuff. e.g. whether its worth taking your bike on a trip and if there is any local clubs willing to take you on a ride when you get there.
If I can get some of the clubs to join in that would be great, each can have their own group and people can message them about joining in.
I'm also thinking about an event calendar so that people can post up rides they are doing.
Generally a really great idea for a site, particularly for people like me who've dropped off the wagon and have got out of the habit of cycling regularly (even though I LOVE my bike!).

One thing: this (quite possibly) might just be me being brainless/cluessless or just distracted, but it wasn't entirely clear what to do when you get a friend request - even with the link. erm, is that vague enough for you??? ;)
Yeah I had the same confuzzlement the first time. It can take few seconds after the page has loaded for the invite acceptance bit to appear at the very top of the page. So if you have scrolled down by then you'll miss it.
Cool, I am thinking about writing up a couple of Help / FAQ posts in the forums. I'll check out the friend stuff.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Nice one Damo!
good site look fwd to seeing it grow
Great execution of a great idea. I really like the spirit in which you've created this site. Thanks.
The event calendar is a great idea!!! Not only the big ones like the Sydney to Gong but also the local ones.

I am trying to work on something similar on my site (http://www.verofit.com.au/calendar.php) and it should be much easier with the support of all the community here.

I agree that the there is some room for improvement in the My Friends area..

There is an event calendar in the works for the software this runs on. In the meantime I looked at using a google calendar, but decided to just add big events like the film festival in a text box on the front page. Having something that everyone can add to is the plan though.
**Warning Nerd Speek**

What software is this site running on?
Nerd Away!

It's running on www.ning.com, a hosted service. It's pretty good, this site would have never gotten off the ground if I had to write the code myself. I just don't have the time :)
Hi Damian,

You've done so well with the concept and implementation of this website. This is now the first place I come when I switch on.

Great that you're planning an event calendar. Unlike other bike event calendars, sydneycyclist is about more than just rides. More social events (like Mash film tomorrow, poker night on Wednesday) can bring us together.

Could I suggest that the Forum summary on the front page hold more than just the last three? With a rash of new discussions, not-quite-so-new ones slip off the page too quickly and aren't so easy to find.

Fantastic site, thanks.


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