Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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Whoa! That's better. Thanks, Damo!!
Damian, looks like Mr Bean is spamming us with totally non cycling stuff - 2 blogs in the last day or so. Please provide him with an exit strategy.
Hi Damian,

Used to be a great site, has now descended into a forum for personal abuse and people with psychological problems. When I joined it was about CYCLING. Now it's not.
Well it takes more than one person to make that happen Grant.
I don't understand, why wasn't the second Cell bikes forum, which descended into the worst sort of personal abuse, closed down, when the previous one was? For me, it was the one that had the most negative impact, in fact it was a slanging match between two members, why was that allowed to stay up?
Because I was at a funeral and didn't have access to the net. Is that a good enough reason for you Grant ?

I'm sorry your day was spoiled by it.
I didn't know that, and there is no way I could have known it. If I had known it, I of course wouldn't have posted what i did with you, I would have shown enough sensitivity not to do it. All I was doing was making comments on the posts I was reading, my day wasn't spoiled by it. I'm old enough and ugly enough to know that there are more important things in the world, and I know that funerals are very hard things to deal with. I've been to a few, and I would never, ever encroach on what is a very personal experience. As I said, I could have had no idea about what you were going through. The internet is a very impersonal place.
And what do you call your personal exchange with Duncan, Grant?

You know, the one you blatantly and unambiguously sought with your "What?! No smart arsed replies" post?

I'm sure you recall that post. It was the second one you plonked in the thread within a couple of minutes to stir things up - after all the other participants, including myself, got tired of it.

I know what I call the exchange with Duncan that you instigated.

Pot. Kettle. Black.
Firstly, it is extraordinary that someone who was part of the the nastiest, most vituperative exchange I have ever read on this site, should even say this. You're talking about personal exchanges, maybe you could spell hypocrisy for me.

Your exchange with Craig descended into schoolboy my dick's bigger than yours stupidity, and you reply to me with your lame Pot. Kettle. Black riposte. My ten year old son could do better than that .

If you read the post, Duncan got my name wrong, now, that might have been deliberate, or a mistake. And given you have fifteen minutes to edit your post, I can only assume Duncan didn't even bother reading what he had posted.

You have serious issues which you need to address. The fact that you contributed to a post that had nothing to do with cycling, and all to do with your obvious lack of self esteem and desire for some sort of infamy on this site by trying to one up Craig, is just pathetic.

Like I said.

Pot. Kettle. Black.
Drop it and move on both of you please.

I know both of you want this site to be less about personal point scoring and more about cycling....so be the change you want.
Is it possible to show the Join date in a members public profile so others members can get an idea of who has been here a while and who has just joined to cause trouble?


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