Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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it is often instructive to look at the posts a member has made.. just go through their profile.
Yep true, just takes a little longer to do, although scanning this particular member's posts did give me an idea of his character.
A "whose online now" facility would also be nice.
The PM functionaliy seems a bit back to front to me. As it stands, you have to make friends with someone before you can send a PM. That kind of detracts from the sponteneity that PMs are really suitable for.

It woud seem to make more sense to allow PMs between everybody by default, with people able to block PMs from members who pee them off.
Thanks Damian!
This thread has gotten a bit disjointed, it's probably time to close it off and let people start new ones for specific issues.


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