Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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Hi Damian, you know I love the site or I wouldn't be here so much - in fact I am thinking of setting up a group "Sydney Cyclists Anonymous" where we can go and confess our addiction and see if a Higher Power can give us the strength to control the time we spend here!

However, just a couple of points:

I think I preferred the avatars on the left on the Main page.....or could you let me know what those other symbols mean. You might have but it didn't hit me in the face like a hammer which is what I need to see something. Also, I agee with Marianne below. I am pretty clueless with such things and the Invite process got confusing for me and I am sure I made a few mistakes before I got it.

I still find it hard to navigate the long threads too. The most recent don't always go on the end (depending on who people reply to) so if you see that 4 people have replied to something in the last 15 minutes, it is hard to find them sometimes.

Also, it would be good to have the tabs at the bottom of the page too - at least the "Main" one.
I just found this site, as members of a Ning based web site should we be concerned?
sounds slightly worrying, but I don' t think it's the case. Still, I've thought a few times about what it would take to move from the ning platform to something else (probably something I'd do as an open source platform).
If you are up for some OSS, I'll be more than happy to offer some assistance.
,,,,and that's where you would have an ethical dilemma.....

I'd probably do it as an open source project in .NET :)

I'll fork and port your OSS to PHP on Linux :)
and what technical reasons do you both have for that ?
My reason for the dislike of "not YET" is purely political in that I don't really like vendor lock in.
I suspect I'd be more miffed than anybody else here.

They had promised an API, it hasn't come.
Working on an exit strategy now.
And if you work it out, can you let me know? Actually there'd be many thousands of Ning site owners who'd want to know, and probably even pay you for it.
If you were to consider porting to a new (developed) piece of software, why not utilise something like Joomla, with a little tweaking and some plugins, you could have something very similar to the current site


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