Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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Hi D
I was reading a Post for advice on buying a bike written by a newbie female and one of the female replies gave out a home address, phone numbers etc. If people want to swap personal info does this site have a Personal Message function? I have used that on other groups and found it useful. I couldn't easily locate it on the Profile page here but it would be the best way to avoid the risks of some nutter knowing one's address and ph number. Thanks, Ant
Once you are 'friends' with someone on the site and then you can send private messages which will be an option under your 'friends' profile pic. (I think this is correct).
I am rather new to riding and am wanting to learn more about the bike. It is the pretty basic stuff like how to repair a puncture and how to change a tyre that I am needing to learn. A friend told me about this site and said that you may be able to point me in the right direction for 'lessons' around the Newtown area.

Many thanks
Hi Damo,
Good to be here and thanks for this site. I'll float the idea of putting/linking our groupsite to my mates pedalling M7 Cycleway!
Where did all the 'last reply' links go to? it's suddenly got hard to find new posts...!
Good question. The same thing happened to my own Ning site. It might just be a temporary glitch.
I agree! This latest change really is "shite"!

Can we please have the old "last reply" links back in Damian! :-)
I agree, it makes it much harder to use the site without the "Latest Reply" link.
Hey, they're coming back, gradually.

Thanks, Damo! (?)
I've never stopped to thank you for such an awesome site.
thank you for such an awesome site
/end stop
I've noticed you've removed pagination and replaced them with next/last style buttons. Is there a way we can have both as I'm losing track of whereabouts in the thread I am?
G'day Damian.

Just a thought. Is it possible to set up the main page to show when something occurred on one of the groups listed? It would just save having to look at the group to see whether or not anything has happened since the last time you looked.
Thanks Kylie. I've just found the follow me link on each of my groups and adjusted it accordingly.

Sorry Damain. Just ignore my earlier suggestion.


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