Thanks for signing up. What are your thoughts ? Does the site make sense ? What do you think would make the place more useful or easier to understand ?


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Fantastic site. I only discovered it recently but it's now my home page. I love the blogs.

An events + local rides calendar would be great. What about a page focussed on Sydney cycling clubs & ability levels to make it easy for people who are visiting, moved from interstate or just want to try out some different clubs around their area...
Have noticed you can't delete your activity from the front page left column any more...I quite liked being able to do that but I guess it might be a general Ning change.
can we have the spam discussion
"wow-nike.com The best shoes for riding !!!!"
removed please
as well as user emilylove

It's more fun to make fun of them, leave a stupid comment. I'm sure if people find there way to these spam discussions they will soon see from the comments that they are in fact spam.

If the pollution does become a problem, then I'm sure measures will be put into place.
Gone :)
Noooo!!!! Where will I get my shoes from now?
A wiki would be great for sharing information in a more structured way and maybe some google maps mashups for bike paths.
Bike ways check out (google mashups)
Time for Alex Lens to be given the flick. We are being spammed with yank rubbish totally unrelated to cycling.
Yep sorry, been moving house. Gone now :)
Looks like our friend may be a serial pest Damian. He appears to have rejoined as Alex and is spewing out more crap in the blogs.
Another option would be to require "real" email addresses (of the form me@myisp.com.au for example, rather than gmail, yahoo, etc). Yes, I acknowledge this wouldn't be popular. And many of us would have to change our addy for the forum. Worth a thought though.


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