I've ridden bikes with drop bars for about 14 years, and I have never felt comfortable riding without a rear view mirror. Those available in bike shops don't seem to cater very well for the drop bars (perhaps it is not "cool" to use a mirror on a road bike!). They either vibrate like crazy, or fit into bar ends - which means a large eye movement down to look at what is happening behind. To overcome this, I made my own many years ago, and it has been quite successful. Having now bought a new toy with Ultegra gear, I had to re-design the original concept.

Essentially the mirror bit is just a Mirrcycle mirror with the handlebar plug cut off. The important bit is the 1mm aluminium attaching it to the brake hood. It is rolled to fit over the brake lever and under the rubber boot and is firmly held in place by velcro strapping. Up and down movement on the arm is minimised by the depth of the arm, and I have reduced sideways movement by putting a slight roll in the flat metal along the arm.

If anyone is interested in more detail, I'll post it later, in the meantime here is what it looks like.

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Great work with the web-site (not just for the mirrors!).

I haven't seen Mirrcycle mirrors in any Sydney Bike Shops, but occassionally travel to Newcastle. Where did you get yours from ?
They seem to be all around in Newcastle. Try

Hadleys on Pacific Highway Belmont towards the northern part of town on the western side of the highway; or

Civic Bikes in Hunter Street Newcastle West, just to the east of the intersection with Stewart Avenue near the railway gates and on the northern side of Hunter St.
Thanks Darrell - was in the Civic Bikes shop on my last visit about 2 months ago - so I'll look around better next time.
Looks like Mirrcycle still make a mirror just like the above:


There's also one to fit the modern style shimano levers...


The website has installation instructions showing how it is fitted underneath the rubber boot, using shims supplied in the kit.

But their main page http://www.mirrycle.com/ indicates that it has been recalled. I Hope it is something simple they can overcome (e.g. manufacturing defect or component not strong enough), and not something fundamentally bad with the way it is attached. The principle is otherwise just what I'm looking for.
Thanks for this Kevin. None of my regular bike shops know of this model from Mirrcycle. It looks to be a great idea. My only concern would be if you break the mirror, do you also destroy the brake/gear levers? Could prove to be an expensive exercise!
Just found this link by googling for mirrycle recall... Evaluation of Road Mirror

Looks like it only hit the market this year in USA, and was recalled in July 08. One comment in above thread, also dated mid July 08, says:

"from mirrycle:

We are currently having a problem with the Road Mirrors. We are finding out that there is a possibility to damage the lever because when the screws are tightened down and the mirror is folded in, the screw wants to tighten even more which could cause over-tightening.

We are developing a new mold that will correct this problem, unfortunately it might not be available anywhere from 3-6 months."

So maybe we've just got to wait and see what Mirrcycle comes up with. Might make a nice Xmas present.

Some comments in the above link suggest it is easy to slip on and off to different bikes - which might indicate it's not going to destroy the brake levers when it falls. And as you probably know from your lash-up, the multiple degrees of freedom in the mirror mount means it tends to fold up out of harms way when when the bike gets dropped or bumped.

There is one comment that it's possible to break the mirrors (glass bit) - no surprise given it's glass - but the person reporting that keeps buying them and recommends them in spite of that.

Having said that, I think your design has an obvious advantage of interfering less with the brake levers. The only thing that I'm hesitant about is pulling the lever apart to slip the bracket in. I'm not quite sure how to do this, gentle prying doesn't get me far, and as you rightly point out, they're expensive if I get it wrong !.

I found the Mirrycle stuff when googling for the manual on my Sora levers so that I could tackle it with a better idea of what to expect.

Over the last 18 months, I think I've shown photos of my old mirror to at least 6 or 7 different bike shops around Sydney's East and South West - and nobody recognised it - not even the people at the shop where I bought the bike with it 30 years ago.

Bikecorp is the local distributor, and today at another shop they checked the catalog for me - but it only has the Mountain Mirrycle. I've emailed Mirrcycle, to see if I can get any updated info on the replacement.
Had the following response from Mirrcycle Mirrors about their road bike mirrors

"Our Road mirror was recalled because of an issue that could possibly damage the levers on a bike. We chose to recall the item to perfect it and make sure damage does not occur to the levers. We should be offering it anywhere from 3-6 months."

Given my experience with their flat handlebar mirrors, when they say "perfect it", they mean it. The only bike mirrors worth buying!
Thanks Darrell. I Agree - they're way superior. If it's close to 3 months, they will hit the market in time to be a great Xmas present.
I do remember some time ago seeing an article somewhere about a rear view helmet that used a periscope style system to act as a rear view mirror. You would be able see what was behind you via a small mirror mounted under the helmet visor. Unfortunately after a quick search all I can find information about is the 'reevu' helmets using this approach which are actually motorbike helmets, same principle though.

Its is a different approach and has some good potential. The helmet that I saw before though of course by nature wasn't a very well ventilated helmet like most (particularly more expensive) helmets, but you can't have it all I guess. If I do come by more information I'll be sure to post it. Personally though I fit myself into the category of the mirror being useless to me.


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