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I interviewed Adam Spencer on Thursday. He didn't hold back when it came to what he thinks about the constant debates in the media about building more roads and freeways in Sydney.

Thought you may be interested: http://theenvironmentshow.com/2008/10/bicycles-v-cars-adam-spencer


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That was a good, but short interview. Yes, it is ironic that the bulk of people who tune into radio are listening from their cars, and Adam Spencer can't upset this audience. He didn't really answer the question on how he deals with that conflict.

I don't think general cycling conditions will improve much in Sydney while both major political parties are not on the side of cyclists, and that political influence has permeated the peak body (Bicycle NSW) which is now part funded by the State Government, and behaves as such.
Onya Phil and Adam, good interview. Should be passed around.

Lzzter, "the bulk of people who tune into radio are listening from their cars"?

I wouldnt know about that, at 6-7am most might be still having breakfast or are old buggers like me, just got up early. Interesting to know what proportion of ABC listeners are car commuters. Funny if they had the wrwong demographic. Adam is certainly a lucid sort of guy, well able to trundle out the procycling arguments, and is funny with it, and he is a pretty keen cyclist. He often jokes he has to restrain himself from flogging his hobby horse (it would get a bit boring I suppose) but I do wish he would stick it up the traffic report people. That has to be the most boring radio ever invented, after the police desk cross. And why doesnt the Glover idiot call it the commute show rather than the drive show?

Jan Gehl video on bikes in Sydney: CBD king-street-cycleway
Aw, sorry for curmudgeonly tone, I meant take the mickey a bit more, traffic reports are taken so seriously, as if everyone needs to know that Pennant Hills rd is blocked by a semi trailer yet again etc, and they never say "cyclists are moving freely on the Anzac Bridge " or anything. And the police blotter can be most informative. A.nd Glover is allright in small doses, when he forgets his stoopid act. I should stick to Radio National. VVSLaxman is on 99, so gotta go
Just briefly switched from RN ......Laxman now on 114, something we probably failed to achieve when we batted at no.4 Bob!
Nice one on 702 earlier this week. Morning show's Deborah Cameron was doing her usual segment with the former politicians Wendy Machin and Gary Punch, both NRMA board members. The latest developments in NSW transport were discussed including reference to Infrastructure Australia's priorities on transport projects to be announced this December. Then surprise, surprise, both emphasised the need for much greater road funding, with the latter rattling off the extensions of the M5, M4 and the rest ...... needless to say and the presenter didn't question the responses from these NRMA'ers. Yet another Trioli and Loane!
BTW, Spencer and the ABC did a superb job with the promotion of Ride2Work Day last year ...... pity it wasn't repeated this month, but I understand the ABC has agreed to other cycling promotion commitments.
You guys should listen to Adam a bit more closely. He always calls a road crash a road crash, never an accident. A lot of what we fight for is undermined by the terms used to describe Automobiles and Driver behaviour making them seem more benign and us as the vicious highwaymen. Now where's my black cape?


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