Need to a get a new lock, not sure about whether to a get a U-Lock or a Cable lock. Kryptonite seem to make the best locks. Do people agree? What do you use to lock up your ride? Do you worry about locking up quick release front wheel and seat? I live in a pretty dodging area just out of the city and most of the time would be locking it up in the middle of the city.

Should I get the strongest U-Lock, the New York one, just the Evolution mini or a cable?

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Yup you can break those bike racks with a piece of 2 by 4 (a lot of them are already busted.)

There seem to be enough of them to get by as a commuter (i wouldn't lock my bike to one for very long tho).

But there isn't really any (in comparison to Sydney) places to park your bike as a messenger.

Half of the buildings don't have bike racks near the entrances and the businesses that have these 'lolly pop' bike racks out the front normally already have bikes locked to them. Ive been locking my bike to other peoples bikes a lot and i don't really like doing it.

I think the big difference between Canada and Australia are the parking signs, Australias parking signs are a lot sturdier (if they are anchored in the ground) and Canada's parking signs are made of really thin metal and have holes in them so they are ridiculously easy to break if you leave the leverage of its own length (which is how my bike got stolen in Montreal).

I learnt the hard way dammit.

Having a bigger lock will allow me to lock to things like trees and telegraph poles.

I wonder if this guy took my bike. (i heard stolen Montreal bikes go to Toronto and vice versa)
I thought that they had fixed the bike racks being busted by a 2 by 4
You could be right. I just listen to the locals.

theres the occasional lolly pop with an extra metal loop bolted to them (twice as thick as the norm) they could be the ones your talking about.
All flexible cable locks are next to useless. They may offer marginally better protection than a piece of fibrous rope, but not much. Even the really thick cable locks can easily be snipped through with a pair of small clippers in about a minute. Cable locks act like a placebo, to allow you to feel you have security when you don't.

U-Locks are the only ones to use. Even then, the models with hardened steel are better. Unfortunately, U-locks weigh a tonne.
Then again I use a cable lock and my current steed has lasted quite a few years, but then again it doesn't look like much
Ahhh i miss using a cable lock. The thing about them is they are easy to break but you can lock your bike to a lot more stuff eg trees and light posts.

I free locked a lot with my mini u lock when time was against me and the cable although a lot weeker than a u lock i had a lot more options of what to lock to.


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