Need to a get a new lock, not sure about whether to a get a U-Lock or a Cable lock. Kryptonite seem to make the best locks. Do people agree? What do you use to lock up your ride? Do you worry about locking up quick release front wheel and seat? I live in a pretty dodging area just out of the city and most of the time would be locking it up in the middle of the city.

Should I get the strongest U-Lock, the New York one, just the Evolution mini or a cable?

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It all depends how much you love your bike, where your going and how much time your going to leave your bike tied up. U-locks are more secure than cable locks, but less easy to carry if traveling light. Or you can use both to make sure that both wheels are secured. Another option is a good chain lock which is stronger than cable lock and easier to carry than a U-lock. Kryptonite have several but you can also get much cheaper ones online.
The thing with locks you need to remember is, no lock is 100% secure, it just has to make your bike less appealing than the one next to it.

I have a Kryptonite U lock, I think it's called the Evo or something, and I feel pretty safe locking it up anywhere. For a while I was doing some work in the city where my bike was on Pitt St all day, then I used the U lock and a cable lock as well, but I'm not sure that was necessary - it certainly didn't hurt.
The amount you spend should be proportional to how much you love your bike or how much it's worth.

I use a Krypto HD cable (bargain at $25 - motorbike shops are generally cheaper for security stuff IMHO) and a no BS Lockwood circular hardened steel padlock. More than enough to lock two bikes through all wheels and frames. I have a small cable and padlock for short absences (in a shop. cafe etc).

Also strip off anything that is easily stolen i.e pumps, bottles, spares, lights etc. Total pain but replacing a decent spares kit is $70 - 100.

Damien is right though - locks are really a means of getting the thieving mofo to steal someone else’s bike. If they really want it they are going to get it somehow.
Thanks for your advise.

I am going to get a Kryptonite U-Lock but the Evolution, as the New York one is too heavy, same with those massive chains, they are sooo ridiculously heavy.

I don't want a dirty thief to get the satisfaction of stealing another bike, it's a respect thing more than the love of my bike :)
Have a look at motorbike shops. I have been using a motorbike Oxford Cable lock for 10+ years. It was bought in the UK so has obviously seen all types of weather. Rain, snow, ice and a little sunshine and it still works perfectly. No rust to be seen and the lock mechanism is still silky smooth. The cable is long enough to go through all the wheels frame and round a lamp post.

Lock it up in the busiest place you can find. I wouldn't bother with two locks. Just another thing to carry and as previously said, if they want it they will get it. Maybe keep the extra locks for at home to provide a bit more security overnight. I wouldn't spend a fortune though, most crims can get past any lock you put on your bike. Pay for an average lock and get the bike insured if its worth it to you.
Choice Magazine, the consumer advocate, found that all of the chain locks they tested were broken incredibly easy using manual tools, even the ones with a metal sheath.They recommended two D-locks that couldn’t be broken with manual tools:

ABUS Sinero ($80 RRP)

I haven't seen the BS400 in sydney, but the Abus Sinero is widely available.
I use the Sheldon Brown lock strategy:

This uses a single U-lock to secure the rear wheel and the frame. I don't have quick release on my seat post, but I do on my front wheel. So far nobody's bothered to steal it. If they do I'll buy another one. *shrug*
That's handy advice. I got a Kryptonite Evo mini recently. Very solid lock but not too heavy. It will be much better now that I know how it is best used.
I have a cable lock and, and also insurance
I have a kryptonite mini u lock, It works ok in sydney. There's places to lock everywhere but here in Toronto the bike racks are few and far between, You can break all the parking signs with your hands also.

Looks like i might end up running one of the hardcore hollow chains and padlocks they are the strongest and annoyingly heaviest.

Apparently this is the Canadian bike theft capital.

It really depends on how long your leaving your bike unattended for also.

Insurance is handy, My bikes have sentimental value also
omg what has the world come to?

quite a few north american messengers attach there bike seat to the frame by using an old chain and a chain breaker.

U cant steal the seat unless you break the chain

Somebody told me about a video of someone breaking almost every type of bike lock on the market...

Couldn't find it...
Toronto - when I was there they had their special rings everywhere


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