$18m Coastal Path from Manly to Palm Beach to open by 2019

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Great! Another missing link in Prof Duek Cohen's Coastline Cycleway for NSW filled in. More please! 

Does anyone know where the details of the completed stages of Elias' grand plan can be found?

Not sure who you mean but the old warringah council 2010 bike plan can be found here...
Much regrets to put out a link to buukekle network . com but my copy is on cd

You mean Pukelele Victoria?

Thanks BB, but it's not the info that I was after. The attached file is what I have on Elias Deuk-Cohen's proposal for a cycleway along the NSW coast from the QLD to VIC borders. I have a partial map for the lower Hunter, but I can't find maps of the rest of the route that he proposed.


353 pages, which pages should I look at?

Don't ask dumb questions. The test will still be at 11.00 AM on the 20th of Dec. Final warning!!

Admittedly I don't know the quality of the paths, but a connected network is going to make paths boom

The grand ED-C CoastLine project got put into PCAL, and I think state funding got the Chop in 2010. PCAL itself, which was doing some good work, is now being terminated. Seems Baird isn't into Active Living.
Some details on the CoastLine project here

That map in the SMH story is a bit suss, shows a shared path up over Griffin Rd hill from Deewhy, which doesn't exist AFAIK? (The hill exists, the SUP doesn't.)

There's multiple maps about...which probably indicates the usual planning in NSW!

There's this -


and something a bit different again in yesterday's local MD from the Administrator.

Not sure I'd get too excited about the utility of share paths with the way they're executed up this end anyway. There was someone who went arse over the other week breaking teeth etc, on the Manly one avoiding a kid darting across.

That's a much easier document to read.

Not sure what could be done about the bit along Manly


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