$18m Coastal Path from Manly to Palm Beach to open by 2019

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Suicide car door bike lanes down Griffin Hill. Veer out after a refuge to avoid a dooring and get sideswiped by cars in traffic lane. Not so bad going uphill, but still too close to car doors.

In the early planning days....
A few of us looked at the highlighted routes which council could be used and recommending for biking. We offered to ride these routes with council staff just to show what was good and then rubbish. The look from the town planners was that we had two heads, good on a map - must be good on a bike. They just did not get that a longer distance by bike to avoid terror spot(s) is not an issue for most riders and put in the best stuff in a bad spot and people will still ride other safe options.

Lilyfield Rd in a nutshell, several alternatives are a bit longer but easier. A tunnel through the railway cutting would be the easiest and shorter to boot.


Driver license mustn't even require purchase of the corn flakes pack now, going by the comments.


Don't need the "dooring" lanes on the downhill. They should put wider ones on upside only.

Like this pic from Rider Blvd Rhodes when it was widened from a measly 40cm to a bit over a metre to stop the doorings.

It`s only on a slight uphill but there`s none on opposite direction as it is not needed.

How did you get $18m?

32.6m minus 14.3m ? ( Within the program's overall budget, $10.3 million will be spent on new accessible playgrounds, and upgrades to other play equipment. And $4 million will be spend upgrading sporting facilities and Surf Life Saving Clubs. )

The map only specifies $9.8m of new paths -that leaves $8.5m unspecified.

Hope this starts ASAP like to ride on it before 2018 

If you are keen to ride "that" section maybe think about a fat bike for 2017?

I imagine there will be a lot of NIMBY-ism and push back from wealthy and well connected beach front residents who would like their patch to remain private.

Hopefully the council will weigh up the benefit to the greater community against the NIMBY-es

Not too much beachfront cycleway being proposed, it's all on road.
Not too much beachfront left at South Narrabeen, after the big washaways.

Wondering what they can do on the Bilgola Bends?


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