19th century cyclists paved the way for modern motorists' roads

Car drivers assume the roads were built for them, but it was cyclists who first lobbied for flat roads more than 100 years ago.


According to this Guardian article roads were originally built for bikes, not cars. Let's get the priorities right!!


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Weren't the romans recognised as the first road builders?

This would suggest they were made for chariots and carts!

And centurions.



Anybody want to have a little chuckle?


Do you find it .... WISIBLE .... when I mention the word ... centuwions?

Yes, indeed, I WEILLY do, Mr O'.

Yes, but then came bicycles, and then cars.


Perhaps we should try to persuade these guys to include Sydney in their documentary. They will get plenty of material on how not to do things.



Pah - what did the Romans ever do for us??



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