The Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club is organising the Sydney Classic Bike Show and Swap Meet. Details on the event, including event posters and registration forms are attached below. There is also a facebook page at:

"Whether you like new or old bicycles, you will love this fun event. If you have an old bike, a sentimental favourite or a classic one-of-a-kind bicycle, bring it along and show it off. We have an array of events to keep everyone happy. A Concourse event and prizes for the best bikes in their category. A Swap Meet selling vintage parts, bicycles and velo paraphenelia. And don’t forget Track Bicycle demonstrations and races on the velodrome track. Entry is FREE!"

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Should be good :)

Great idea.. we have about 100,000 small parts to sell at the swap meet! Many of which are classic...

I'm looking for some retro ball bearings :-)


Adrian, perhaps this should be on the Sydney Cyclist Events list as it will soon disappear from the front page discussions.

I thought I knew bike being fluent in touring, able to speak mountain and bmx, and get by in roadie, but what is "rat"?

Look here -
I like them - the real ones at least, and the diy ones.

I am informed that it is a bike with poor appearance but still performs perfectly well.  

Sounds great I am very interested in rat styles and the swap meet looking forward to the meet 

This is on tomorrow. We've got a heap of bikes entered in all divisions and expecting a few more tomorrow. Also lots of swap meet stalls.

There is a demonstration madison race on the velodrome, a BBQ, coffee cart courtesy of Marrickville Road Cafe and lots other stuff happening.  We've been delighted by the response.

I hope some SCers can come along, check out the bikes and do say hello to me - I'm chief cashier somewhere near the coffee cart.  

Sounds great. Do we have a secret code like tapping the side of the nose or saying a phrase like 'the scarlets are chirping today' ....?
Or plain vanilla printing out SC badge or having it on your phone?

One little detail ... will there be ample bike parking of some description ? Thanks! 

Plenty of fence to chain up to I reckon Peter


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