The Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club is organising the Sydney Classic Bike Show and Swap Meet. Details on the event, including event posters and registration forms are attached below. There is also a facebook page at:

"Whether you like new or old bicycles, you will love this fun event. If you have an old bike, a sentimental favourite or a classic one-of-a-kind bicycle, bring it along and show it off. We have an array of events to keep everyone happy. A Concourse event and prizes for the best bikes in their category. A Swap Meet selling vintage parts, bicycles and velo paraphenelia. And don’t forget Track Bicycle demonstrations and races on the velodrome track. Entry is FREE!"

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I'll be there today wearing a DHBC jersey and a DSLR camera muttering "the scarlets are chirping today". Come up and say hello.

shoudl there be a response, or is a lack of confused expression enough?

Of course, it will be obvious which one is you wearing a DHBC jersey at a DHBC event. ;-)

What brand of DSLR camera will you also be wearing, just to make it easier to spot you?

I am thinking of coming as I am, which is in a sweaty green and gold long-sleeved Audax jersey and Caisse d'Epargne knicks. I will tap the side of my nose if I spot you.

You could all come and speak to me and I'll point you in the right direction :-)  

Tim has the best DHBC beard, although there is growing competition.  

I'll be there with a real moustache.

Keep that moustache and people may start asking you to clean their pools.

You mean as in an alternative career path and highly sort after as a university speaker too?

Great to meet NeilA and toby@RideMedia (thanks for the bidon) today.

Sorry for leading everyone astray - I started the day in a DHBC jersey, but I couldn't resist the genuine Sydney Classic Bicycle Show t-shirt. In black. I kept the beard. Although a lot of people kept calling me 'Adrian'. 

So many photos, they will follow once I've sorted them. 

I went.

Dragged the wife and kids.

I think my daughter (2) actually had the best time of all of us, and the rest of us had a pretty good time.

Hope to go next year.

Thanks to everyone who came.  It was a great day and exceeded our expectations.  We certainly learned a lot about how to do this better for next year.  

Those people tapping their noses, now that was a bit confusing given I knew most of them anyway :-)


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