Your black and white feathered wing friends/foes had taken a liking to dive bomb over your heads while riding have returned to another bouts of harassing you for invading their territories.

State where abouts is it happens. Be it on roads, SUP or cycleways.

M.Pie complaint letter.

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I had been swooped 3 times by that damn magpie today for the 1st time this year and I was lucky to see the shadow of the dive bombing kamikaze stuka magpie. Ha ha, that it missed me when I moved my hand up.

The area is between Phillip and Smith Streets Parramatta just off Horwood Place on road.

I got swooped a couple of times list week. Obviously more magpies heading west, as I rarely was bothered by them heading into the city.

One was on Victoria Place, near Gladesville Bridge. Nothing major, just a friendly tap on the head...

hahah, I was just thinking about starting a post along these lines. Made it the fastest part of my ride:D

Location: Western Sydney Parklands just north of GWH and east of M7.

In that location a year or two ago, one of those little "sweet hearts" took a chunk out of my helmet

Ray Rd, Carlingford. A regular but so far only a tentative swooper with no helmet impact. Naturally it's about a third of the way up a climb (eastbound) so any speed from previous descent has washed off.

Don't know about the other regular on my commute, Ryrie St, North Ryde. I never ride on Ryrie anymore (year round) - in protest :-).

[OK, I'll move this over here.]

Yes, there is one in Artarmon Reserve patrolling the bike path up from the freeway viaduct. S/He has attacked me several times as I have come down the hill. I saw her/him coming yesterday and told her/him not to even think about it, while pointing at her/him. This resulted in the bird perching in a tree until I stopped looking and then swooping me multiple times.

I may have to wear a helmet...

I noted yesterday that this bird only hates cyclists.(It must listen to talkback radio.) It ignored the unhelmeted jogger just ahead of me. We were both wearing baseball caps.

My wife reports that it makes no difference if you go the long way around the oval past the cricket nets. This evil bird waits at the junction of the paths.

The Marlborough Rd marauder (cnr Marlborough Rd & Mowbray Rd Willoughby) gets you on the northbound route.  Almost every day.

Yes I was attacked by the same avian on Monday though not since. I figured that as there must be 100s of cyclists a day through there he must be worn out from all that swooping!

Yes go past this magpie - feel it likes to attack from behind - so I always look in all directions at once so it won't try it.

Is this guy still swooping? Thats my local path, I got swooped a few weeks back and haven't been for a ride lately.

Vice Chancellors Oval path, Australian Technology Park, Erskineville/Waterloo/Everleigh

I think I have been swooped by at least one magpie every ride for the past few rides.

The ryrie st magpie is nasty... swoops multiple times but usually doesn't impact, just gets close. I don't ride there anymore

I actually got hit for the first time today. I didn't see what it was but I'll assume it was a magpie. It happened right outside Macquarie uni, got me right on the helmet (fortunately).

I also got swooped on bobbin head rd and old pacific highway.

I got swooped twice on last Saturday's ride. The first was by the butcher bird that guards the tunnel under the railway just near Concord West Station - evil little guy. 

Second was a pretty big magpie in Orient St in Lawson but it only took one swoop and didn't make any contact so certainly not the worst out there.


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