It`s time for a new year, new challenge for me. I will be building a new disc brake wheel set from scratch for the 1st time for my Bad Black bike. My hubs for BB bike is Quando and LBS always sells new bike with cheap hubs but you`d have to pay more for good brands.

I got fed up of breaking the spokes so I am thinking that I will be buying rims, spokes, hubs and truing stand from Online stores that I will work on it by myself soon. I`d like to learn to increase my knowledge of bicycle maintenances by self help with the aid of Zinn and the Art of MTB Maintenance book from Chapter 12.. I will be purchasing soon from Starbike of the DT Swiss components that cost $AU480 and am still hoping for AUD price to increase against USD before buying it. If not ,then I need it by Feb. Prices are in Euro.

I haven`t bought from before. I`d like the code for discount. Do they give new comers to register for discount or not?

I`d get 8 spare left and right spokes for later. The red star means that it haven`t got this stock yet but will stock up soon, this is for 2 rims.

I`ve checked the spoke lengths on my BB when I repaired the breakages. But I don`t know that these new hubs will be different to that old Quando hubs diameter. I might have to change the order of the spoke lengths. 

Any advice would be appreciated before I put the final correct orders.

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Before buying from the above mob, I'd suggest that you do some comparison shopping at both Chain Reaction and Wiggle.  You might be able to save yourself a bit.  When I built up my touring bike wheels earlier this year I got my stuff from CRC and this is how the costs were made up -

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake (2) calipers and discs - $162

Shimano XT Disc Hubs Front and rear M756 36H - $83

DT Swiss TK 540 29er Rims (2) 36H - $147

DT Swiss Competition DB Black Spokes (72) - $76 (same thickness as you're after)

Velox Rim Tape Cloth - 19mm (2) - $7

I'm surprised at your price differences for the front and rear disc brakes.  If you already have discs on your bike, you probably won't need to buy anything to do with the brakes.

If you already have rims, hubs and discs, but are only dissatisfied with your spoke breakages, I'd suggest that you just buy the spokes and rebuild your existing wheels, otherwise it's a large expense that is not going to make any noticeable improvement to your bike.  If you do decide to get new bits, you need to use one of the spoke calculators mentioned here.

You also need to be careful on spoke lacing disc wheels. The lacing on the disc side is different to that of a non-disc wheel.  Shimano recommend this as being the way to make the strongest wheel.

Good luck!

Thanks for your advice, Dabba.

Yes, I had a look on other OLBS for comparisons. I have 2 Bad Black bikes and it`s easy to see of spoke lacings on disc brake wheels. Yes, I know of the lacings on both sides are different on disc.My disc brakes is hydraulic. The hubs don`t include disc rotors. So I have to take it off from my old wheels and put it in new ones.

I don`t need the 1st options but the 2nd one might be possible and #3-5 options is right. I`d like new rims,hubs and spokes.

Alex Rims DP17 with Quando hubs had comes with the bikes as standard when I purchased it in May`11 and Feb`12. It had been used in heavy loads while on shopping rides.

This.... for a proper recheck on your spoke lengths

log in as guest and pick your combos, as dt all the rims, hubs, spokes and nipples will be popups

I have the same rim and hub set up as your order but had the wheels built up. Solid wheels.

(Guess you are going six bolt and not centrelock as this may change the spoke length? Also dont forget to plug in your number of spoke crosses...)

Thanks baa baa.

I had a look on dtswiss calculator in the past but I`d have to get the proper dimensions first of the hub measurements for correct length.

Good to hear of yours. Yes, mine is 6 bolt disc so it will fit.

Just to emphasise, you have to use a spoke calculator and input the specific rim and hub you are using and your lacing pattern - it is almost certainly the case that the rim new hubs will have different measurements and it is very important that you get spokes which are the correct length. Use the DT Swiss link above (I also like to check other calculators too, like or

You don't need to buy a truing stand. You can use the bicycle itself as a truing stand, or you could borrow the use of a truing stand by going along to an open workshop like those hosted by Bicycle Garden or Cycle Re-Cycle) the other benefit of doing that is you would have people around you to help you out, which is probably not such a bad idea on your first wheel. You also get access to a bunch of useful tools like spoke wrenches and tensiometres. It just doesn't make sense to spend money on those tools if you aren't intending to build wheels regularly when you can use them for more or less free or a small donation. It is also very highly likely that BikeWise will be running one or more wheel building courses this year, so be on the look out for that.

When it comes to books, there are two that are most recommended when it comes to wheel building - Gerd Schraner and Jobst Brandt. Everything you need to know plus more can be found in them.

Wheel building can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very frustrating too. The principles of how it is done are very straight forward, but when you get to the final stages of truing you can drive yourself made striving for an unattainable perfection. I'd say it is probably worth practising a few times on some other wheels (get an old wheel and completely disassemble it and reassemble it a couple of times) before you start playing with the new parts, just to build some confidence in the process. When you do sit down to build your wheels, give yourself plenty of time and be in a positive frame of mind.

Thanks Rob for your info. and links.

I am an ex- bike mechanic volunteer for WSCN in which I`ve left in April`13 but might be considering returning back in March/April next year. I`ve heard about the BikeWise courses on SC in the past.

Those 2 books that you`ve recommended is the ones that I`ve been looking for in site in the past but found it cost more for p&h. But thanks as I`ve downloaded it to read later.

Good idea of getting the old wheel for me to find it dumped out to collect for practising before I do it on new wheels. I know that it can be very frustrating and I`d like to build the confidence over time.

Thank you,Paul for your advice of spoke lengths.

Yes, I`d agree of spoke lengths of error margins due to different hubs of Quando and DT Swiss of the flange offset sizes. I`m not building Mavic rims.

Thank you for the warning, Peter.

Bugger it. Too late to buy it before mid-year last year when the Aussie dollar was at $1.06 or something. Got the Durano Plus tyres for <$24 each and it don`t sell it at that price any cheaper any more.

Last year, that wheel building wasn`t on my mind, yet as my wheels haven`t broke a spoke til Nov & Dec twice this year that made my mind up.

Ordered and delivered last Feb. Put it in backburner for a later date. Half a challenge done.

And finished my 1st front wheelbuild. Made it true and leave it til I do the rear wheel at an another date when I get the free relaxing time. Next half a challenge to go....  :)

Good on ya Snowy.

Those DT Swiss rims are nice to work with, and bomb proof!

I notice that you have a wheel building stand similar to one that I used to own.  I'd recommend that when centering the wheel on it that you swap the wheel over until it actually is centered.  I found with mine, it was slightly off-centre and even though the rim "feelers" were showing everything was OK, it might have actually been 5mm or so out of whack.

Is that the truing stand from cyclingdeal?

How is the stand?


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