It`s time for a new year, new challenge for me. I will be building a new disc brake wheel set from scratch for the 1st time for my Bad Black bike. My hubs for BB bike is Quando and LBS always sells new bike with cheap hubs but you`d have to pay more for good brands.

I got fed up of breaking the spokes so I am thinking that I will be buying rims, spokes, hubs and truing stand from Online stores that I will work on it by myself soon. I`d like to learn to increase my knowledge of bicycle maintenances by self help with the aid of Zinn and the Art of MTB Maintenance book from Chapter 12.. I will be purchasing soon from Starbike of the DT Swiss components that cost $AU480 and am still hoping for AUD price to increase against USD before buying it. If not ,then I need it by Feb. Prices are in Euro.

I haven`t bought from before. I`d like the code for discount. Do they give new comers to register for discount or not?

I`d get 8 spare left and right spokes for later. The red star means that it haven`t got this stock yet but will stock up soon, this is for 2 rims.

I`ve checked the spoke lengths on my BB when I repaired the breakages. But I don`t know that these new hubs will be different to that old Quando hubs diameter. I might have to change the order of the spoke lengths. 

Any advice would be appreciated before I put the final correct orders.

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Forgot to add rear wheel build. Built it in Aug`14 and put it on bike and used it for 3 years. Never broke spokes yet and wheels are still true and haven`t had the need for adjustments or trueing yet.

With rear rack on bike, max weight of 30kg. 48Ltrs of milk from Aldi on bike, 2x cartons in panniers and 6x cartons on rack = 48+kg. It`s asking for breaking spokes in wheels but it didn`t and made it without being out of true.

My wheels is still going strong after 3 yrs and I`m happy with it, better than stock wheels. Damn, it`s unstable to ride it with those weight but I took it easy on way home. :)

If you were in Asia, you would have your wife and a couple of kids distributed over the bike as well as that load.


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