So far, all I can find is $3 million for a bike path on the NSW South Coast:

Is there anything else that anybody knows of???

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Mainly funding for projects already announced I think.
Good work by the Bega cyclists, handy that Constance is local member. And Kiama BUG will be happy too. Hope the new path irons out a few of those steep hills.

Fair bit of money around for cycling lately, but stil only a few bucks per head, cf a huge $1100 a head for roads!

Hard to do an apples to apples comparison but if $62,000,000 of the $73,000,000,000 infrastructure budget is earmarked for "active" transport - Tibby Cotter bridge anyone? - then only $72,938,000,000 is left to be spent on motorways.

Actually, I could be wrong, but I'm sure 1% of $73 billion is $730 million, not $73 m

so it should be 0.1% … yes?
Maths guru wannabee

Yep the linked article mentions "Missing links in inner Sydney's network of cycle paths will be among the beneficiaries of $62 million in funding from the state government this year for so-called active transport." 

"But cycling groups say the level of funding is disappointing given it makes up less than 1 per cent of the state's $73 billion budget for infrastructure over the next four years." Which is correct - it is less than 1% MUCH less than 1%, as you surmise it's less than 1/10th of one percent.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the government was "investing an unprecedented amount" on active transport infrastructure. Unprecedented as in a record low percentage of the total budget?


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