208km Monaro Rail Trail

Spotted the disused Monaro railway line while returning home to Sydney after riding the Thredbo Enduro downhills and TVT mtb trail for New Years.

Riding a long distance rail trail, as opposed to using a car to get to the Snowies is something I would love to try.

Apart from all the positive spin-offs for struggling regional towns, a shuttle service for bikes would be a must-have; so local and international cyclists can change up cycling experiences... 208km rail trail, mtb trails at Mt. Gladstone, Jindy & Thredbo, perhaps a wee bit o' roadie = cycling heaven in NSW?- whoo hoo!  

Considering that building just ONE kilometre of the highly unpopular and divisive WestConnex freeway is costing taxpayers $473,000 000 per km- the Monaro Rail Trail feasibility study amount of just $38 million to build and maintain 208km- is absolute peanuts.

NSW State Govt. should be investing in its cycling taxpayers & those cycle tourists who voluntarily take care of their health, local communities, heritage and the environment!!!

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I've ridden Bombala > Queanbeyan on a road tour over 10 years ago, and at that time I lamented the dead railway line that would have flattened out the many ups and downs if it had been a rail trail. I camped at Bombala, Nimmitabel, Cooma, Colinton and Queanbeyan on that trip. On another trip I camped at Queanbeyan, Michelago and Cooma. It's worth remembering that everything in Cooma involves climbing at least 2 hills! Along with many other rail trails in waiting in NSW, it would be great to see some government action commence, but given the Liarbrels hatred of cycling, and the uncertainty and ambivalence of the ALP, I doubt that I'll live long enough to see much, if anything happen.

Wow; good on them to crowdfund the initial research. (also a little sad, isn't it?)

The benefits for the project and the appeal is certainly there and taking out the vicious gradients will open it up to many more riders; best wishes it will actually come to fruition !  


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