20th May - truck hits cyclist on Princes Highway, Tempe

I've seen traffic reports about a truck hitting a cyclist at Tempe this morning, but can't find any further details. Anyone hear anything?

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Thank you,Edward.

Bit peculiar, "driving recklessly or furiously or at a dangerous speed".

Would have thought that related to the risk of causing damage/injury to third parties, before the fact of actually causing any harm in a collision. 

mark bosnich charged with drive manner of dangerous 

This was covered by ABC 702 presenter, Dom Knight, who at the end of the interview with his colleague made the extremely funny joke (not) that Bosnich was red-carded. Oh so funny Dom ...... would he make such a pathetic / inappropriate joke if it was his spouse, sister, brother, son or daughter who was the cyclist? ..... still need some education of ABC presenters!

manner of dangerous was dropped. reckless was dropped . plea bargain of neg driving 

shame on our court system 


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