Hey peeps, I wondered if anyone out there would like to try a bit of bike polo?

Sydney bike polo meet every Thursday evening (from 7) and Sunday afternoons (from 2.30) at Alexandria park. It's fun, friendly, free and really nowhere near as intense as you might have thought!

Tonight (sorry for the late notice, that's Thursday 12th April) we're having a few beginners sessions, but you're welcome any meeting we do.


You don't need to bring any special equipment, we can lend you bikes and a mallet.

No extra safety gear is needed for beginners.

Yes, you can ride a normal bike (depending on what type)

A typical polo bike is a very low geared single speed (the odd person rides fixed, maybe 10-20%)

We play on a basketball court, 3 a side, 5 minute halves.

The main rules

1. Don't be a dick

2. You can't put your feet down, if you do, you need to 'tap in' at the halfway line

3. You can only score with the small end of your mallet

4. That's all you need to know for know, if in doubt, see rule #1

If you'd like any more info then https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sydney-Bike-Polo/126215697442925 is our facebook page or http://www.bikepolo.com.au/ or http://www.goalhole.com/.

Alexandria park isn't marked on Google Maps for some reason, but it's here - http://g.co/maps/svvds

So, has anyone ever played bike polo before? I saw a few posts from a few years ago here, but nothing much since. We usually have about 20 players come down, less in winter :) and we have national, worlds, local, regional and ad hoc tournaments all the time. If you're curious, come on by! People are welcome to come and watch, many players will grab a beer while we're inbetween games, it's informal and fun. If you do come down, as for Gav (that's me) I'll be wearing a [checks wardrobe] green t-shirt. 

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Thanks to those couple of noobs who came down (non-members who were browsing). All welcome at either our Sunday meets or Thursday ones, just drop us a line if you're interested. Has anyone else ever played?

Make sure you don the proper attire.

Gav, sounds great. Any idea if there are any folk in Newcastle playing polo?

Hey Adam, I don't know actually - I'll ask around. There are certainly groups at the Gold Coast, Brisbane, rAdelaide, Melbourne, Canberra (the 1st Royal Mallet Regiment, no less! https://www.facebook.com/groups/127470430634672/) More contact details for other cities (totally non-exhaustive list) here - http://www.bikepolo.com.au/about/contact/

As for Newie, I can't vouch for the veracity of the information but this is all I have "Hi,
we play bicycle polo in Newcastle every sunday at 2pm, at King Edward Park bowling club. We get 10 or 20 turn up, and play round robbins on two grass fields." so that looks like grass polo, which ain't the same beast. Feel free to set up a new chapter, just pay the membership fee, that's one (1) beer to have a chat with anyone about what we get up to :)

We play for a good few hours on a Sunday so it wouldn't be a wasted trip occasionally from Newcastle for you. Depending on enthusiasm (and weather) we're sometimes at the courts from 2.30 until 9.

Oooh - also found this - 

Ettalong, about 60mins north of Sydney, has now its very own Bike Polo Club. So if you're interested in a bit of competition, you can contact Ben on the given link. I believe that the use the local netball courts, which is large and ideal for BP..

Ettalong Bike Polo (Ignore the bit about fixed wheels being a must - it's like the helmet debate on the road. Some insist you need it, most would rather ride in whatever they feel comfortable!)

Gav, thank you very much! I think I might need to get my SS MTB into working order and get stuck in! I have a couple of fixed wheel bikes but they are 700c so no quite so nimble.

700cc is perfect mate - most just ride those, to be honest. There are all sorts of mongrel bikes (actually, that's a nasty word in Australia isn't it?) pretty much run-what-ya-brung. Most are single speed with lower gears than stock, next mods are shorter handlebars and a brake lever that does both brakes. Most important thing if you start modding a bike is to make it safe for you and anyone else that bumps into it. So no sharp bits anywhere :) Just don't use your best wheels as occasionally they may get taco'd, but I've never had any problems.

did you say taco's? mmm taco's. i'll drop down on sunday, been thinking about picking up a mallet for a while. bout time i do eh!

Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it - sadly due to an immense hangover and me being an absolute wimp other commitments I couldn't make it. Good stuff. Those brake levers are brilliant, really make a difference.

Hi Adam

Id be keen for a game in Newcastle. Either bike polo or unicycle hockey. What gear would we need?

Ben Ewald

Hi Ben, based on Blue's post above, I guess we start by turning up at King Edward Park Bowling Club on a Sunday at 2pm to see if the previous group is still playing? I had family commitments today so couldn't make it.

I'd send some emails round the contacts you can find in those posts, see if anyone is still playing? That, and drum up some support with a few mates. With four of you you can have a game, you just need any bike, ideally a hockey ball, and then most people use mallets made from ski poles with some tube on the end. There are guides to making them all over the interweb :)


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