I wonder if anyone could recommend a 3/4 length pair of shorts?

I want regular shorts NOT bicycle specific shorts. (I'll be wearing padded underwear.)

I want 3/4 length so that they will cover my upper legs and knees from the sun.
I want something with a high-ish back so I’m not flashing my underwear as I ride.
I want something that washes and dries quickly so I can use these while touring.

Currently I’m using a pair of Kathmandu 3/4 length hiking shorts that work well but they no longer sell these.



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Try the Kiwi mob - Ground Effect. I use their nicks, gilet, rain jacket and merino shirt, and they are good quality but a bit pricey compared to chain reaction. They have the sort of pants you're after. 

I get their catalog. Do you happen to know the name of the shorts I should look at?

Have a look at the Supertankers. Rugged construction, useful pockets, and suitable for riding, hiking, or wearing as a casual pair of shorts while touring. 

Endura Zyme 3/4 are another option.

sure - they're 'cycling specific' - but pad free as standard.

Quick drying, hard wearing, comfortably sized for cycling (somewhat baggy) and have handy pockets.  They also have a nice set of velcro angle cuffs and waist cinch buckle and don't actually look to bad. 

Most cycling baggies and hiking shorts tend  to sit across the knee when riding.

I particularly want a pair of shorts that covers my knee for sun protection. The less sunscreen I have to put on the better.

The GE Supertankers look like they might do the job. 


They look like shorts -- the Zyme 3/4's are more like ankle-length pants. 

I bought a pair of ground effect snipers, great shorts but the sizing is small. I bought the largest (XL) and I have to squeeze them on... lucky they stretch. I normally wear 38 inch waists

I'll need XL. This is the big downside of buying online. You can't try things on.

Over the last years I have purchased most of my bike shorts at Kathmandu. I don't wait until the current shorts wear through, which they do, but am shopping in advance to hold for the ready. I wait for the (every second week) sales and jump on what I have seen/tried already. I give Paddy Pallin a look in also. Like you Tony I want them to cover down to my knee and to be functional without looking like Mr. Bike. I don't like them baggy, though.

my favourites are the nzo dobies, but they are out of stock everywhere

Rapha make an excellent pair but pricy so always best to buy on sales (oh just checked - out of stock so glad I bought a pair).

Another option I like is SWRVE from LA - they have very urban hip but the knicks are going strong after 3 years (I do have three pair which I wear out. I don't think the denim or heavy weight ones are for you but the light weight ones might just be the go!



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