I wonder if anyone could recommend a 3/4 length pair of shorts?

I want regular shorts NOT bicycle specific shorts. (I'll be wearing padded underwear.)

I want 3/4 length so that they will cover my upper legs and knees from the sun.
I want something with a high-ish back so I’m not flashing my underwear as I ride.
I want something that washes and dries quickly so I can use these while touring.

Currently I’m using a pair of Kathmandu 3/4 length hiking shorts that work well but they no longer sell these.



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I bought a stack at big discount at sportspursuit, but their process means delivery times can be very long and things come on and off the site. very cheap prices through. i think the brand was alpine something..

I have a couple of pairs of Pearl Izumi Canyon shorts which I really like for holiday trail riding etc.

Stretchy and with a removable 3D inner - so you can use the PI padded inner, or regular undies or other padded undies.

The leg length 1/2 covers the knee.

Pearl Izumi have another model called the Summit which looks like it fully covers knees - might be worth a look. 

That's given me a few things to look into. Thanks for your help everyone.

Just back from a tour.

I ended up wearing a $40 pair of 3/4 length Farah Outback Shorts from Lowes. Worked well and met all my criteria above. I wore them with padded underwear.

P.S. Don't tell anyone I buy my cycling clothes from Lowes.


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