Hello, I need a simple tow-bar rack suitable for 2 kids bikes, 1 woman's and 1 man's bike. Any ideas offers, please contact, all the best, dave

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Hey Paul, not near a phone...I thought Thule racks need added accesories for women's & kids bikes? Dave
Where are you, Antarctica? :)
Maybe he is sharing a house there with the Cycling Curmudgeon.
Nothing so extreme just a bunker at Artarmon. Should qualify that statement, not near a phone with reception at the moment...
If any used racks appear, pls let me know. Thanks for the advice (and humour).
Hi, David,
I have a heavy duty 4 bikes rack that I don't use anymore, it will suit you Let me know your email address, I'll send you some photo.
Hey Eric, that is a kind offer. My email - didjryan@hotmail.com. Thanks, David

email is sent.
Hi Eric, thanks for the photos... unfortunately it won't fit my ball/socket type tow bar;-)
Pity, because it looks perfect for the job otherwise!
All the best, David

No worry.
Just curious though. I believe most tow bar ball/socket are removeable, is yours not ??
if it is removeable it should fix no problem.
Best Regards


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