This genius bit of writing courtesy my stalk ... Er, following of Kimberley.

I urge you to read it.

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You're thinking #3, in particular, Michael?

He gets to make all these good points and then say but "don't worry about them".  

Do people really get upset when someone drafts them?  Why?  

Everyone hates 'wheel suckers' even when you're commuting... as for #7 LOL. that's a problem I'd like to see more of in Sydney.

Haha I want my Brompton even more now!


I don't mind people on my back wheel.


And close overtakes mean I'll go past in a queue if I can, then take the lane. That's not anger is it?

Wheel suckers are ok if you know them or are confident in their skills - the problem is many seem to ride akin to tailgaters, not looking up the road, no anticipation and an accident waiting to happen. I've read that having someone close behind marginally improves air flow due to a decrease in the low pressure behind you.

Seems like my heavy duty commuter tractor has the same effect as Bromptons

I like wheel suckers.  That means I must be worth following! :)



Awesome article


At the risk of inserting a feline into the aviary, the diff between UK and here is that #3 is a debate there, whereas here, as we know, it's a law. But still a timely reminder to save those debates for valid occasions?

It's still a debate though, even more so here, as there it's a personal choice, here it's a choice you believe people should have/shouldn't have. I don't want to have the debate, I just want the choice. In England (and now here) I was and am totally pro-wearing a helmet where appropriate, however, meh.

My addition would be "do you need lycra on your 10km commute? Slow down and look better! The outfit you wear has an impact on your state of mind, and others' perceptions of you and cyclists. You get less hassle for going slow when you're a girl riding a city bike than a bloke on a racer. When people see drivers see riders as people rather than trained athletes doing their sport on the road, they give you a lot more leeway and don't expect you to be a trained pro with reflexes and awareness to match. Feel free to let tailgating cars actually go past you if you like. It's not always a race."

Hold on - are we entering the fourth dimension debating whether something is a debate? ;-)

You are hereby charged that you did wilfully take part in a strange sketch, that is, a skit, spoof or humorous vignette of an unconventional nature with intent to cause grievous mental confusion to the Great British Public.

Or the fifth, debating whether a debate is a debate.


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