This genius bit of writing courtesy my stalk ... Er, following of Kimberley.

I urge you to read it.

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Indeed, like it a lot, so no 8 can be read this bit of writing

I don't even know how to draft so I might be doing that a lot unintentionally? I don't tailgate when I drive so I don't ride really close behind people either.


I've been overtaken by a guy in a three piece suit on a Brompton on Flinders Street in the bus lane. Would have been annoyed if he didn't look so sharp and looked so darn happy.

This is a really good article and I have to say that all of these things have annoyed me at some time or another. I will have to keep this stuff in mind, not worth getting worked up over.

Ha ha!

The first thing I thought of was 'wearing wrinkle free clothes in the office', the second was 'presentable hair'.

Sums up my attitude on the bike - stuff happens and then I go, "meh."

This is really nice.

Is there a name for the opposite of shoaling, when a clearly slow rider (me) is waiting at the light and a clearly faster rider comes up and stops on my left, leaving me no space to move over to let them pass when the light changes?


In a very coincidental vein,I recommend having a look at "The Enlightened Cyclist" by NY Bike Snob

2nd that, excellent book and possibly an attitude changer for some.

I LOVED it - as well as got me critically thinking my own actions. Almost a must for any commuter cyclist. Waiting for the first book from Amazon though as not available on Kindle (2nd is though).


Great list of definitions too of shoaling, salmoning, wheel sucking, cat6 racing etc etc.


Really, really well written and insightful. Chopping out a few bike specific parts it could easily become 'The Enlightened Commuter" and should be required reading for anyone getting a drivers or riders licence.


can't get his first book on Kindle? I have it on my kindle app.  Can't see why it should no longer be available.  You will enjoy that one as well.

Thanks, will look again. Might have missed it. I got The Enlightened Cyclist on kindle app (or something). The mrs handles that - she did something, then something else and now its on my phone...


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