This genius bit of writing courtesy my stalk ... Er, following of Kimberley.

I urge you to read it.

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taking aggro out on the pedals has propbably resulted in my dropping a few more kg's than may have otherwise been the case. Thanks fellow Sydney commuters of all persuasions!

Good point - sometimes I should get annoyed.  I am much more likely to observe in a dispassionate way.  Mostly good but not always.

Posting on here is getting easier and easier thanks to my stalker

Yep, this is great. Since I stopped considering every time on my bike to be a race, I started enjoying it more, was more relaxed and a damn sight safer with a fraction the number of close calls. And I still get a good workout. ; )

and from the US if you commute by car it seems you will be less happy

http:// and are interesting on a similar topic!

Nice infographic. though.

That's Gracious Cycling!

Been a while between irrelevant music. You're welcome. :)

Now, now, there'll be none of that. 

Very good. Am adding it to my collection. Thanks.

I hate being passed by people on electric bikes . . . usually wearing tweed and carrying shopping. I promise not to bite any more. 

I notice that the author doesn't suggest giving up on responding to the smart'A comments made by passengers in bogan vehicles, towards a cyclist stopped at traffic lights. One must retain some dignity during a clash of cultures.

... and neither do I suggest restraint, by displaying a quicker and more acerbic wit.



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