I'm a new entry on Sydney Cyclist but just because I'm moving from Italy to Sydney (Balmain area) in few weeks. 

I've 3 children to carry everywhere and I would like to buy a cargo bike there. Does anybody can tell me  where I can find it? Also, the best I've used is the Christiania one but of course any suggestion about that is more than welcome. 

Thank you


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Ciao Caterina

Benvenuto (in anticipo).

Before buying, you might like to first try a few different options once you arrive:


Great advise! I will try it for sure !

Thank you!

Welcome to hilly Sydney. I have two cargo bikes, a Nihola trike and Yuba Mundo. But depending on where you live, if you live in a hilly spot then do consider electric assist. Our bikes have them and one of them (or both) is used every day. The electric assist is great for confidence with loads (two kids and gear often is more than 50kgs) up hills in the less than friendly Sydney traffic. Also means you can get a good start at the lights then go non-electric, again helps with the traffic taking you a bit more seriously. 

If you are looking for electric assist you can't go past Gloworm in Marckville with a wide range of options.


Happy riding

I ride to and from Balmain a couple of days per week (with cargo bike but without kids) and the hills and the sometimes ridiculous cycle shared paths would make it a challenge for a 3 wheeled bike. 3 Kids on a longtail would also be a challenge even with the legal 250watts electric assist. Maybe one of your kids is old enough to ride their own bike? I'm sounding pessimistic but for a suburb so close to the city it is strangely difficult to get in and out of on a bike. If you just want to get around Balmain itself, walking is a good option.

I've always liked the look of these http://www.madsencycles.com/company/  import only i'm afraid but might work with 3 little kids and electric assist.

Sydney Electric Bike is nearby and often has electrified cargo bikes http://www.sydneyelectricbikes.com.au/


Thank you for your advise. For now children are to young to ride by themselves (one is 3 years old and 2 twins are 1 year old). I've never been in Sydney. My husband told me it would be difficult to carry the children because of the hill but I did not want to accept I have to move without a bike! I think I'll have to start...

All good advice so far. Gloworm is good, and Balmain is hilly. I do it on an electric-assist cargo bike with a 4-year old, and it's OK. With three kids....you'll need to be fit and strong. Balmain is a very beautiful part of Sydney though - great views, very historic (for Australia), and good bus service to the city. Good place for walking (as Mark says). Maybe not so great for cycling.

Hi Caterina, the main retailers of box bikes are in Melbourne. These are PS Bikes and Dutch Cargo Bikes. Gazelle in Matraville, Sydney, has the Gazelle Cabby as does Omafiets in Marrickville, Sydney. Peter Santos from PS Bikes will deliver a Christiania bike to you personally in Sydney. We bought the Christiania 2 wheeler cargo bike from him in 2009, service and support have been great. All these businesses are on-line as well, eg website, facebook. Long-tail cargo bikes, eg Surly Big Dummy, are available from a wider variety of retailers. I don't know whether you are new to Sydney, so I will add that Balmain is gorgeous, one of Sydney's nicest areas, but quite hilly. The cycle way from Balmain into the city takes you straight past Sydney Electric Bikes, another great shop, and they provide service for electric cargo bikes (even if not purchased from their shop), if you decide to get one of those. (I have an electric assist tandem for my older child as well.) Two other websites to recommend are http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/ (which lists new, used, different bicycles, etc) and gumtree (like craigslist). All the best, Konny and Phil

Hi Caterina,

Maurice from Glow Worm Bicycles and Omafiets Dutch Bicycles is about to become a father, which is why Omafiets has started stocking a custom electric Gazelle Cabby.

The baby is due on Sunday so it'll be going home with Maurice next week, but we'll get another bike in soon.


Hi Caterina,

I'm intensely researching  cargo bike at the moment to carry 3 children as well. Commuting to the hills district, I think my hills are worse, or at least equal to balmain.

The electric two wheeler Christiania from Peter at PSbikes.com.au will carry three kids (even four) up a hill fine with some pedalling.

The Gazelle Cabby from Maurice at Omafiets has a much torquier motor, but can suffer from torque steer, being in the front wheel. Unfortunately the Cabby only comes with one seat.

Bullitt bikes can only really fit one child.

Personally I like the christiania the most, especially it's door, but I'm also looking at getting one custom made.

Man , after seeing a bright orange bullit in the wild, I really want one now. However, no kids to carry, just groceries ... and the dog.

Just do it Bernard, you won't regret it.

St Etienne carries a dog nearly everywhere by the look of his excellent photos.


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