I'm a new entry on Sydney Cyclist but just because I'm moving from Italy to Sydney (Balmain area) in few weeks. 

I've 3 children to carry everywhere and I would like to buy a cargo bike there. Does anybody can tell me  where I can find it? Also, the best I've used is the Christiania one but of course any suggestion about that is more than welcome. 

Thank you


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welcome caterina . great to see you here. and in sydney soon 

Over the last few years my kids spent time at a schools in Rozelle and Lilyfield. I spent a lot of hours riding around Balmain in a Gazelle Cabby (with and without motor) going to various park and trying to get toddlers to sleep. I'm big, strong and fit and the hills were still a killer and you can't avoid them. They are not big, but they are steep. Colin and Justin are right on the money when they say you will need electric assist, especially with three kids.

I have Gazelle Cabby with electric assist on the front wheel. I've had the bike five years, had it for two years with no motor.

I have a 5 year old, a 3.5 yo and a six month old baby. Currently the baby sits in a Maxi Cosi capsule that is attached by special clips to the front of the box. The other two kids sit on the bench seat and all their bags and crap goes beneath the capsule. In three months time the baby will be too big for the capsule and will need to sit on the bench seat, so the 5yo is getting evicted. I have a TrailGator that attaches to the seat post and his bike. He likes to sit on his bike when it is connected and contribute to the pedalling effort. He is also getting very good at riding with me, especially along the new bike paths the City of Sydney is building. The other week he rode his bike from UNSW Kensington to our place (7km) on a dark, cold night. So the TrailGator thing is working well.

We don't see a lot of the Christianias in Sydney. They are good in flat cities, but problematic in hilly areas. My experience (and that of others I have spoken to) is that they can be very unstable when cornering on downhills - even more so with three kids on board.

Hi Mark

I'm sure you will find the Christiania 2wheeler very easy to steer around corners if you are used to the cabby.

No doubt the trike takes a bit to get used to and should never be considered as a standard 2wheeler, they all have their advantages and limits, but I'm sure if you gave it a bit of time, and open mind, you would find the trike quite easy to ride up and down hill, with a heavy load in the box it actually, due to the angle of the front wheels gets more stable, but the weight will often make you go faster that you should specially down hill.

If you like I'll gladly put you in contact with people who have one in Balgowlah, Manly, Bondi, Newtown, who can tell you how they use their trike... 

The 2wheeler and trike, tick different boxes and suit different families, just like some people want a peoplemover and other prefer a small coupe, but that do not mean one is better or worse than the other.

I'll be in Sydney next week and will gladly meet up and show the bikes I sell and you can fit 3 kids in the box on both trike and 2wheeler...


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