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I've heard back in the day BNSW had a board member who did this, but I would never thought I'll see an advocacy body get behind Critical Mass in 2014.

I'm away from Sydney myself, but will endeavour to attend CM in the city I'll be in for solidarity.

Weather forecast for Friday looks good. Given the imminent removal of the College St cycleway replaced (at best) with a Castlereigh St part time cycleway and more tragic recent but recurring incidents it might be a good opportunity to come out as a bicycle rider?

you bet!

the tramway building bizzo will yield excellent opportunities for messier criticism next year

Critiquiallier Massifications?

Still looks ideal for a ride today

My evening still looks ideal to ride too!
My evening still looks ideal to ride too!

Was hoping to come along for the first time but due to partner's illness I won't be able to attend. Would love to see some pictures!

The weather is great today. I will be coming. It will be my first CM

Had good fun today. Who else went?

I only took a couple of pics at the start as I was waiting.

Sorry, they're pretty bad pictures taken with my phone. I was trying to show how many people there were. Heaps of other people on the ride. I'll upload a video to youtube soon when I get the chance.

I shall put a 3rd party link up when there is one to link to


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