Australian Cyclists Party - - First 100 Members!!!

So how many of us think it's time?  That it makes sense?  That we can make a difference?  That we would at least have fun trying? 

How would we do it?  What do we call it?  Just cycling?  Who's ready to be involved?

Just putting it out there to test the extent of genuine interest given comments elsewhere.  Should there be "critical mass" we will launch soon.

Vote for taking part by marking "+1" in a response here.  Those wishing to actively participate please make yourself known here or by private message.

Update 1:  Meetings are planned to create a committee tasked with evaluating the creation of a party.  Updates will be posted in this discussion.

Update 2; Oct 5:  Two meetings held so far.  To register a party for the next NSW elections we will need 750 signatures from currently registered voters or "electors" by year's end... probably closer to 1,000 to make sure we cover off any challenges and have the foundation of a broad support network.  An application fee of $2k is also required which we could raise through crowd funding.

Identifying committed committee members and naming the party are now the focus.  A parallel launch in Victoria is also under consideration given the close timing of elections.  The next committee meeting will take place this Wednesday.

Update 3; Oct 7:  We will begin the effort to register a party in both Victoria and NSW beginning this week.  In Victoria things kick off at the Ausbike Bicycle Show this coming weekend and in NSW the following week at the Bike and Lifestyle Show.  We are looking for volunteers for the booths and to help sign up party members at both locations.  Please email your interest to

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lets go for it , we could get preference votes from the greens and abbot lol


We should think about broadening the appeal. Pedestrians and public transport users are natural allies. With better PT, there would be fewer cars and less aggro. Remaining car drivers will have an easier trip. While they dump money into roads, everybody suffers.

Are you talking federal or state level?

Probably need to look at both

I am trying not to decide anything, just asking the question... however, I can see no reason that a party could not field candidates at every level of government.   With an extensive BUG network in NSW there would be a lot of talent even at the community level.  It really becomes an issue of priorities, resourcing and managing.  The international view is that action centred on urban areas is easiest to build on and from.

Here's further food for thought from NY:

Political power on two wheels: Don’t mess with the bikers!

great article!  " the summer wore on, the candidates have shelved the anti-bike rhetoric. Usage of the bike-share program exploded and polls showed the majority of New Yorkers not only approve bike lanes but would like to see more of them."

And this: "Citing GPS data from the city’s yellow cabs, the Bloomberg administration said that average traffic speeds in Manhattan’s primary central business district, south of 60th Street, had increased nearly 7 percent since 2008"


We have some toxic gas emitters too... Fiona Scott and Louise Markus for a start.

The hills are alive, with the sound of racism.


I'm off to the couturier tomorrow!

Could be wrong but think it may be better to first draft out a constitution than a dress.
(best include a few dog whistle words like; the xyz Party stems from… ,in order to crank up the….,put the brakes on…. and so on)
and a +1 for me. State elections used to test the water?

If you want to game the system run for the Better Roads Party, and when you get in just vote for bicycles and public transport.
+1 anyway.

+1 and I believe any two adults who like each other should be able to ride tandems without the government interfering.


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