Australian Cyclists Party - - First 100 Members!!!

So how many of us think it's time?  That it makes sense?  That we can make a difference?  That we would at least have fun trying? 

How would we do it?  What do we call it?  Just cycling?  Who's ready to be involved?

Just putting it out there to test the extent of genuine interest given comments elsewhere.  Should there be "critical mass" we will launch soon.

Vote for taking part by marking "+1" in a response here.  Those wishing to actively participate please make yourself known here or by private message.

Update 1:  Meetings are planned to create a committee tasked with evaluating the creation of a party.  Updates will be posted in this discussion.

Update 2; Oct 5:  Two meetings held so far.  To register a party for the next NSW elections we will need 750 signatures from currently registered voters or "electors" by year's end... probably closer to 1,000 to make sure we cover off any challenges and have the foundation of a broad support network.  An application fee of $2k is also required which we could raise through crowd funding.

Identifying committed committee members and naming the party are now the focus.  A parallel launch in Victoria is also under consideration given the close timing of elections.  The next committee meeting will take place this Wednesday.

Update 3; Oct 7:  We will begin the effort to register a party in both Victoria and NSW beginning this week.  In Victoria things kick off at the Ausbike Bicycle Show this coming weekend and in NSW the following week at the Bike and Lifestyle Show.  We are looking for volunteers for the booths and to help sign up party members at both locations.  Please email your interest to

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It will lead to riding animals

Did you know this chap is a cyclist and has done Race Across America several times? 

Mind you, if the party does get formed and engages with preference negotiations (as it would be required to under current laws) then be careful.  

We might be able to get Mark Textor to help out on the sly.


+1 though I'm not eligible to vote...pesky foreigners and all that.

It might be difficult explaining to the public why we change leaders every ten minutes.

Everyone has to take their turn up the front for the benefit of the peloton party!


I did a lot of reading to work out my below the line voting this election and was left feeling more than just a little disspointed at the lack of policy around Active transport. There was a bit, but not enough for my liking. Perhaps it was just because it was the federal election and PT / active transport is more the play thing of the State and Local government. 

The Vote 4 cycling website attempted to get the ideas flowing and I think something like that can gain momentum and be powerful in the future. But I found most of the information put up was either very generic (the xyz party believes that active transport should be encouraged) or very personal (i haz a bike) and not so useful for setting out what we should expect from each party/candidate.

The thing with 1 issue parties is that most of them are aware they have no chance of being elected and are just trying to put there issue in the spotlight. It can backfire if you then only pick up a few hundred votes and the elected candidates then have a justification that the issue they are pushing isn't worth pursuing as only a few hundred people care about it. It can potentially set back an issue for years.




"So how many of us think it's time?"  Me.

That it makes sense?" Depends how you do it.

"That we can make a difference?" Certainly.. IF you do it right!

"That we would at least have fun trying?" Yes.

"How would we do it?" LOTS of hard/smart work!

"What do we call it?"  Choose wisely, so much depends on the name.

"Just cycling?" mmmm, let me think on this one.

Who's ready to be involved? :-)


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