Australian Cyclists Party - - First 100 Members!!!

So how many of us think it's time?  That it makes sense?  That we can make a difference?  That we would at least have fun trying? 

How would we do it?  What do we call it?  Just cycling?  Who's ready to be involved?

Just putting it out there to test the extent of genuine interest given comments elsewhere.  Should there be "critical mass" we will launch soon.

Vote for taking part by marking "+1" in a response here.  Those wishing to actively participate please make yourself known here or by private message.

Update 1:  Meetings are planned to create a committee tasked with evaluating the creation of a party.  Updates will be posted in this discussion.

Update 2; Oct 5:  Two meetings held so far.  To register a party for the next NSW elections we will need 750 signatures from currently registered voters or "electors" by year's end... probably closer to 1,000 to make sure we cover off any challenges and have the foundation of a broad support network.  An application fee of $2k is also required which we could raise through crowd funding.

Identifying committed committee members and naming the party are now the focus.  A parallel launch in Victoria is also under consideration given the close timing of elections.  The next committee meeting will take place this Wednesday.

Update 3; Oct 7:  We will begin the effort to register a party in both Victoria and NSW beginning this week.  In Victoria things kick off at the Ausbike Bicycle Show this coming weekend and in NSW the following week at the Bike and Lifestyle Show.  We are looking for volunteers for the booths and to help sign up party members at both locations.  Please email your interest to

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Omar, +1 (many times) of course

While Australian Cyclist Party is clear do we have to have to have "Party" for electoral registration?

We whinge enough here about the quality of representation and campaigning for cyclists and cycling from some of the "peak" cycling bodies, maybe our focus needs to be a little broader. I have always admired the approach of the London Cycling Campaign (, why not the Australian Cyclists (or Cycling) Campaign which might serve for both purposes?

One drawback of "democratic" organisations is that they can be stacked with people who may not have pure motives but jump on the band wagon, we have to guard against that by ensuring that right thinking people with pure motives do get involved and become active, this means you! , there is enough admirable contributors here to create a fine organisation but good people are already active people with little spare time, but they are ones most needed., you know who you are.

Many thanks Bill, my effort is sustained by positive reinforcement!

I can see where you are coming from on the naming,   I just don't want to contemplate that people who are signing up later saying they had no idea that they were becoming part of a "party".  They will be checked that they understood this by the Electoral Commission.   But worth considering in a marketing context when we clear this initial hurdle...

As for stacking, yes that is a worry that was outlined very clearly in our early discussions with those who have been there.  The counterweight as you say is keeping the leadership lean and empowered and built on principles that are simple but compelling enough for people to sign up to and they trust the individuals involved.

Yes, while some are counting pixels on the ACP site and others can't get beyond bashing their helmets together, over 100 individuals have now signed up as members in NSW!  Many more in Vic.  That's pretty good going for 24 hours... many would be signing up for a political party for the very first time.

Tomorrow is a huge opportunity to take it further by spreading the word and handing out cards.  Please make yourself known to Dan who has gone through a lot of trouble and expense to get a whole lot of these printed.  Or use the pdf he has offered up and print up a bunch to hand out. 

I'm sure we can use an extra voice!  David was coordinating things if you have his contact details otherwise I can SMS them?

I was wondering if the 100 was just for NSW- this is great news.

Also what did you mean 'for the first time' - how does someone do it for the second time since they can't be member of two parties ?  Honest question and could be a question others might have

Yes, NSW is going well today...

I meant that many have never registered to be a "Member" of any party before, never mind helping to launch one by signing up first.  I mean, that is a bit more trouble and commitment than just signing a petition.

Folks, we are going to shut this discussion down now as we have gone to so many pages and our focus will shift.  Another one will start up shortly.


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