This morning I rode down Little Eveleigh Lane (towards Wilson Street) as I probably do almost every day of the year (often 4 to 6 times a day!). I tend to notice things and every little change that happens on the street as I'm so familiar with it. Today, I noticed a big cluster of glass in the middle of lane and was surprised that is was there almost 1 day after one of the biggest downfall of rain in years. It was certainly not post-Mardi Gras 'exuberance' which I saw all over Darlinghurst on Sunday morning. I was particularly suspect as there were almost 5 distinct colours of glass clustered together

I've seen anti-cycling activity in this area before and after a week of having the tabloids and some political leaders drum out some predictable anti-cycling crap, it would surprise me if such sentiments would encourage would-be vigilantes to deliberately glass the road.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I’m not impressed.

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Find the company name and report it to council for littering and not covering the load.And report it to company too...

Put company name here for all to bugging them.

Something to celebrate on Little Eveleigh St though: years and years ago, nearly a decade I think, a car was torched in LIttle Eveleigh St leaving a horrible bubbly circular lumpy surface. It was FINALLY fixed a couple of weeks ago.


Torched you say?

Carfull Careful, you'll give those disgruntled cyclists ideas......


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