This morning I rode down Little Eveleigh Lane (towards Wilson Street) as I probably do almost every day of the year (often 4 to 6 times a day!). I tend to notice things and every little change that happens on the street as I'm so familiar with it. Today, I noticed a big cluster of glass in the middle of lane and was surprised that is was there almost 1 day after one of the biggest downfall of rain in years. It was certainly not post-Mardi Gras 'exuberance' which I saw all over Darlinghurst on Sunday morning. I was particularly suspect as there were almost 5 distinct colours of glass clustered together

I've seen anti-cycling activity in this area before and after a week of having the tabloids and some political leaders drum out some predictable anti-cycling crap, it would surprise me if such sentiments would encourage would-be vigilantes to deliberately glass the road.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I’m not impressed.

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It looks suspect, given the 'bicycle-nazi's' message that was on the road previously but I've seen this type of thing in my street before as a result of a spill from a recycling truck. Multi-coloured glass all over the road, but over a much wider area than this. 

It does look like spillage from bottle collection to me.

Back in my uni days I lived on Wilson St, at the Redfern end, then opposite Hollis Park, and later owned a house in Macdonaldtown.

Things must be looking pretty good around there now. We could only afford cans and cardboard wine casks in those days!

Thanks for your comments Stuart and John. I  think you're right and it is garbage truck/recycling related. However it did seem very conspicuous  when I passed it this morning.

If it is a recurrent problem let the council know. The recyclers are supposed to avoid leaving glass behind and should really sweep it up as they go if there is a spill.

schwalbe kevlar tires

gonna take more than that i'm afraid 

When I rode through there at 10am there was two cars parked in the green lane. Not impressed.

dismount if necessary, squeeze thru, accidentally scraping cars with pedals

Yes,they asked for it. And bar ends too,if anyone got it.


Oh, so that's what those things are for!

But seriously I like them.

Other interpretation: Oh, so that's what those things (cars) are for! (scratching)

My usual assertion is that the only things cars are good for is grinding up glass into harmless powder; maybe the ones in the green lane were just taking a rest from this vital community service (like hell).


I don't go through that area very often, but have the impression that every time I do there is glass about - it has happened so often I'm in the habit of expecting it now.

Would agree what you encountered is excessive though.

I think there is less glass left around by anti bike types the days

maybe the people who did it ride nowadays

I live on Wilson St and there is often broken glass in Wilson Lane on Friday mornings, after the recycling truck has come through.

But yeah I have Marathon Pluses so it has never bothered me.


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