Riding home up Oxford Street last night when a driver decided my lane was better than the other three that he could be driving in. I know I'm nice, but I'd prefer a little more personal space, thanks.


I really wish this video would embed, but no luck. I'm pretty pleased with the footage. I can see the number plate which is all I need in case one day I have to report someone.

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thanks. Is it a mac or browser related problem? Never, ever works for me no matter how hard I try.

I think Ning (the platform this site runs on) has problems with the new YouTube embed code.

Tick the box for "Use old embed code" and paste that and you may have more success.

I right click on the vid in youtube, and select "copy embed code". Then come back to my SC post, click on the "HTML" button in the editing toolbar, and paste the code in. Then click back on the HTML button.

I may have been known to use SC to edit posts for our HTML-accepting-but-not-allowing-you-to-edit-HTML intranet message board here at work. Prepare the post with pictures and fancy fonts etc, then switch over to the HTML view, copy it, and paste to our intranet. I can't write HTML to save myself by here at work everyone is amazed I can... embed photos!

Interesting use of the Forum!!

Thanks for the workaround tips

I would define that as bordering on a 'punishment pass'. Usually done by people with very small... egos.

Emma Way has a very small one


How have you mounted that camera? From the shadow it looks like the camera is mounted around the head tube. It makes for a great view.

You got it. On that bike it's the only place I have room as my handlebars are full with lights and break levers. 

I like that it shows the wheel so it's very obvious it's a bike video. Husband thinks it would be better on my hemet, though, so I'd get all the interactions with drivers even when turning my head. But it's too heavy on the helmet and too obvious, although some say this is good and can enforce good driver behaviour.

Would an SCer recognising the plate and vehicle tell us where it is kept?

A bar extender can provide more real estate for attachments.

I mount my Contour Roam on the helmet, and I like the fact that it's too obvious. I've noticed a definite reduction in verbal abuse and too-close passing in the year since getting it. Yes it's heavy, I consider the tradeoff worthwhile.



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