Riding home up Oxford Street last night when a driver decided my lane was better than the other three that he could be driving in. I know I'm nice, but I'd prefer a little more personal space, thanks.


I really wish this video would embed, but no luck. I'm pretty pleased with the footage. I can see the number plate which is all I need in case one day I have to report someone.

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OK, you've convinced me. Would prefer to have no interactions to film.

That's a bugger of a spot there. Almost every car is speeding along that stretch. A speed camera would make a fortune.

As for the driver in question - the half lane change is just sheer laziness. The other lane was available.

Put his number plate in the youtube description and the tags. One day he will find it while googling.

I did have the number plate in there originally but took it out. You make a good point though. WIll put it back in.

I have put in a red light camera request at that spot but perhaps a few others need to. Here is the link!

As you say, every car is speeding as they think they are already on Syd Einfeld Drive.

Suggest you mount that camera on the other side of the head tube? That would probably give a clearer indication of how close cars come. 

And scare my Mum even more?!!

What brand / model camera are you using?

It's a Contour Roam2. 

It's a little big and the night vision is not anywhere near as good. I think I need to get a better head lamp in winter so that number plates are clearer.


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