On a recent tour I wasn't able to use my handlebar mounted front light as my handlebar bag interfered with its beam. So I put together this kludge to give me a low light mount off the forks.

There is nothing new with this. You can find many similar ideas on the internet but I thought people might find this of interest.

The mount is a PVC pipe cap end from Bunnings (no endorsement intended). This one has a diameter of 25mm but is sold as a 20mm end cap. You can get 25mm and 32mm end caps as well.

Link - 20mm Cap End

I drilled a 5.5mm hole in the base and secured it with washers either side and M5 bolt.

It worked well, everything stayed solid, and the low light beam position is good for displaying the road ahead. I'm not sure how long this will last - the PVC might get brittle with exposure to sunlight over time.

All up cost: ~ $2.

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store-bought version


for a real kludge ive got a flat cube shaped led light on the front face of my handlebar bag, held on by a rubber strap. Too ashamed to show it, but it works.

It looks good Tony. I thought of doing this ages ago and bought the parts but never got around to the job. I was concerned the cap +/or the glue might not be robust enough so it is good to see you have had success with the idea.

Could you post a report on it in few months to see if it is ok long term?

An idea too is to use lithium batteries instead of alkaline as they are very light(weight) - the cost is significant but they do last a long time. I started using them after experiencing problems with lights popping off the mountings on rough ground and it solved the trouble completely.

It was an expediency but I think I'll leave it on. Will report back.

Very good, I like these solutions.

I kludge a headlight ... either on my forehead below the helmet or else it goes on the handlebar-bag.

Nothing bike specific at all.

All in all, now I have a bike with integrated lighting (Gazelle) N+1 will be bought with a similar system.

No batteries no theft no hassle.

While I am on about cludges: if you want to de-restrict a pedelec you can fit a magnet to a pedal crank (eg. glue on a little supermagnet) and move the wheel rotation sensor to pick up the pedal rather than the wheel. Of course the bike wheel rotates 3 or 4 times faster than the pedals...

Nice - perhaps  cover the end with  https://www.bunnings.com.au/croc-grip-2m-x-48mm-red-dot-c2-highly-r... for a side reflection? 

(Bunnings  used to sell one in a circular form, but you might have to cut them anyway to fit anyway) 

Just an update. Just been on a week's tour (500km) with this and it worked perfectly. After several days the M5 bolt had worked a little lose and I had to tighten it. I think I might add a split ring washer and that should solve the problem.

The plastic is holding up ok then. Thread locking compound mmighr br


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