I just saw this ad on tv. The Amy Gillet Foundation has created an ad called 'A metre matters' reminding car drivers to keep a metre from cyclists.





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Damien, you should organise some sydney cyclist jerseys with the 1m matters logo, I'm guessing you'd get a few buyers.
Damien, you should organise some sydney cyclist jerseys with the 1m matters logo, I'm guessing you'd get a few buyers.

I'll order 2.

IMHO, Australian drivers in general are not very good at judging the distance between the left edge of their car and any other object, when travelling at normal road speeds (I include myself in this). Most compensate by allowing far more room than is actually required - those who scrape by and frighten us, or worse, are the ones we remember. But allowing too much room has its downside too - drivers who tailgate because they think there is no space to get past - and this must contribute to some motorists' negative perceptions of cyclists.

By way of contrast, I recall trips to Britain and Europe where drivers grow up learning to cope with streets that are much narrower than the bulk of Australian roads. I've had a few trips by taxi down streets that I would have been driving at a slow crawl, but the taxi was doing about 20kmh as the parked cars flashed by mere inches away.

It would be good if Australian driver training paid some attention to this issue - not that I want to be passed by mere inches - but it is so annoying when cars behind hang back even when you're deliberately not taking the lane, and giving them every opportunity to pass safely.
Maybe the message should be "change lanes to overtake cyclists", like the road rules seem to imply any driver should do when overtaking any other vehicle.

Quote from the Dictionary:

'overtake, for a driver, means the action of:

(a) approaching from behind another driver travelling in the same marked lane or line of traffic, and

(b) moving into an adjacent marked lane or part of the road on which there is room for a line of traffic (whether or not the lane or part of the road is for drivers travelling in the same direction), and

(c) passing the other driver while travelling in the adjacent marked lane or line of traffic."

And like the magistrate said in the Gold Coast case last year, if you cant overtake a cyclist safely, wait until you can.

The one metre campaign would be good if Sydney Buses agreed to it.

Sydney buses do give you a metre - at the front of the bus.  It is just that this has shrunk to mere centimetres (sometimes millimetres) by the time the back of the bus is going by.

I think that the ad is good and it is pleasing that the Amy Gillett Foundation is at least doing something serious for the safety of cyclists, unlike some other well known supposed cycling bodies.

However, I think that the ad wording saying “just leave a metre” is implying that it is only a metre that is needed, regardless of the speed. I think that it would have provided a better message if it said something like “leave at least a metre”, and we would have all been a bit safer.
Yeah, the whole thing is a bit simplistic. The video shows an inattentive driver hitting a cyclist- nothing to do with leaving a metre. First, PAY ATTENTION! EYES ON THE ROAD!

Then maybe SLODOMOVOPS. "slow down, move over, pass safely".
The law here is 1.5m, which makes sense. I need 1m just to make a hand signal properly.

Good to get the message out tho.

Really?  I bet most car drivers don’t know that.


What’s the point of having a law that most people are not aware of and is not enforced?


Why is it up to a private foundation like Amy Gillet to make people aware of this?


Why isn’t the RTA using some of its massive advertising budget to spread this important safety message?  That’s really odd.


@SC: MG means in Deutschland where he is ATM, I presume.

Which is why Aussie motorists wouldn't have a clue about it (as they don't about much else relating to cyclists and cycling, by the by).

OOPS!  Sorry for misreading the post.

Kudos to the Amy Gillett Foundation for raising this issue.


Many responses (and the current law ) says that cars should change lanes when overtaking cyclists, leaving them plenty of room.  Fine for the multi-lane roads, but what about the single-lane roads?  They are not covered by this law..


On the residential streets where I typically ride, most drivers are respectful and leave enough room.  However, there is the odd one out that overtakes way too close.  A law like this could help some cyclists (particularly novices) feel that they are protected by the law and send the message to motorists they must leave a safety margin around cyclists.  At the moment there is a gap in the legislation, that seems a dangerous oversight.

"Fine for the multi-lane roads, but what about the single-lane roads?  They are not covered by this law."

Yes they are. The car is required to change completely in to the oncoming traffic lane, just like they are to overtake any other vehicle. Solid line meaning no overtaking? Tough, it's there for a reason to say overtaking is not safe. Wait until you can overtake safely and legally.

Personally I am not a big fan of the metre matters campaign because it legitimises illegal overtaking.

SUS, I'm not sure that is true, see 144a below


144 Keeping a safe distance when overtaking

A driver overtaking a vehicle:
(a)  must pass the vehicle at a sufficient distance to avoid a collision with the vehicle or obstructing the path of the vehicle, and
(b)  must not return to the marked lane or line of traffic where the vehicle is travelling until the driver is a sufficient distance past the vehicle to avoid a collision with the vehicle or obstructing the path of the vehicle.


Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.


Note. Marked lane and overtake are defined in the Dictionary.






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