While being overtaken by all sorts of vehicles in silly places on my recent bike tour, I began to wonder about what was happening.  The thing that struck me is that the motorist doesn't know how to flex his/her ankle to take pressure off the accelerator or brake to slow down until it's safe to pass.  With that in mind, I wonder whether the message needs to be modified a bit to get the brains (if available) to become receptive to slowing down until it's safe to pass.  There seems to be no consideration to slowing down for any reason anywhere!

Perhaps something like this might work -

"Slow down until it's safe to give a cyclist a metre when passing"

I know it's long winded.  Perhaps someone could come up with something along those lines that's short and sweet!

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if there is enough room for 2 lines of traffic to form, then its legal to pass within the lane.  On my usual trips there are some 2 lane roads with lanes that are 4.5m wide, so obviously I ride far enough left for 2 lines of traffic to form, and for people to drive past me.

On a 3m wide lane, I'll ride in the middle and then that is not possible.  Parramatta Rd between homebush and the city mostly has 3m wide outer lanes where I do this for long periods at a time.

Unless there are 2+ lanes, i.e. if it's a one-lane-in-each direction road, then you don't need to change lanes (providing you can remain in the lane and not cross or straddle the dividing line and give sufficient distance to complete the overtaking manoeuvre safely, i.e. all the other rules that apply to overtaking), but if there is a second lane, you do.

Or at least this is the interpretation presented by the AGF.

Whatever it is, I get pissed the number of times cars overtake a) far too close (leaving no safety room) and b) straddling solid centre lines as if they're not there.

Kerb side lanes about 3.5 m are where it gets tricky to decide what to do, or stick to it once you have, since drivers will often think there is room. Just about need a colour coded road network to indicate width! The VC rule of thumb is ride where the car left side wheels are tracking, and if that doesnt work, ride a bit further out. And if that doesn't work, switch on the big neon sign that says Back off you FAs, it's too Fn narrow to pass! I mean, Bikes May Use Full Lane.

We constantly hear that the reason people do not ride in Sydney is that they think it is unsafe. Those of us that do can compare notes and quibble about how we best do it. But statistically we are the 'fearless' 1/2%. We are going to do it regardless. 

So, the AMM idea is an attempt to crash through. Dabba in the OP asked if it was right. If it would work? People said maybe because it was a brief 3 word message.

I am just near the end of a 1,000km tour in Hokkaido. For every one of those km's the speed limit was either 40 or 50km/hour. Apparently it is higher on expressways. But I am convinced that slowing the traffic right down is the top priority in confronting motorist's dangerous behaviours.

I started riding bikes and scooters on the roads with VW beetles, Leyland Marinas and 3 on the tree holdens and fords.

My kids have...

So true. I honestly think that some of these 4WD's should require the driver to have a Class 2 type license (or whatever the appropriate HGV certification is now days). Seriously does anyone truly believe that they need a car the size of  . . . .

Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Toureg, Landcruiser (with snorkel equipment), Range Rover Vogue, Merc G-class, Volvo XC90, not to mention some of the jacked up ute's on 20 inch wheels with roll bars and spot lights? I mean BMW X5's look like compacts compared to these.

And the thing that gets me most is seeing all these being used for the school run as though they're delivering an aid shipment for the UN in some 3rd world war zone rather than Sydney streets!

Dont even start me on the massive hummer I had to negotiate each afternoon (havent seen it for a while). It had a sticker on the back ... something like "aircraft noise - the sound of freedom".

Yes, hummers are the best, I like them when parked and you have to veer out just to get around them. They are even better when used as a single occupant vehicle.

From the hummer website

HUMMER vehicles were designed and built to travel to the ends of the earth - and let you test your limits when you get there. And while they are no longer being made, HUMMERS are still some of the most versatile vehicles on the planet, letting you connect with the outdoors in ways you never dreamed possible. Plus, each HUMMER model is distinctly unique. Just like the people who drive them.

I think this is the official web page link


hell yes

I'm currently pushing tin along the narrow winding goat tracks roads of Ireland.  While in Cashel, north of Cork, we met a couple of Yank grey brigade women who were eventually heading off to do some supported bike touring around the Cotswalds in UK.  We were talking about how crappy the roads were as far as bike friendliness and one of them had gained her driving licence in UK during 1970's.  She failed her first test because she overtook a cyclist.  It was in a place which as not safe to do so, and her testing inspector told her that she should have slowed down and waited until there was a safe place to pass.

To me, this is a part of driver training that is missing in Oz, and it is something that RMS could introduce with minimal cost - driver simulation on screen with the relevant bike/car interaction could easily be done.  Training of the long term drivers would take media campaigns for some time - and still should be done - but it needs to be started at an early time, just like teaching your toddlers right from wrong!

+1 to that idea. Could do it ourselves, make some videos of how to pass safely. Got a good photo the other day of cars overtaking over centre lines to get round cyclists and having to duck back in when they realised there was a somewhat blind corner up ahead. No need to overtake there as a bike lane was just ahead- Lilyfield Rd I'm talking about.

Then again, there are probably lots of videos already on how to overtake safely, like this one http://youtu.be/CGwzDzI6pYQ

....and these ones :)

The good:

...and the bad!


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