A place to buy and sell our bikes and bits - if you have a moment, please check it out

Hi all

Damian has approved this post, so I hope to grab a minute of your time to check out a site I'm building.

I've recently returned home to Sydney after spending some time in London, where I discovered urban cycling. It's nice to come home and see the progress that is being made in terms of cycling infrastructure and take up.

As a result of my own experiences in getting into cycling and finding a bike (as well as selling it later when I moved), I've been working on a project. I found that many of the sites I was directed to were either littered with illegitimate goods (eg. Gumtree in the UK), heavily roadie focused (wasn't my desired initiation into cycling), full of retailer advertising (won't name any names!) or were simply a little too intimidating for a relative newbie (eg. some forums, but Sydney Cyclist seems to be one of the friendly ones, hence this leap of faith!)

As such, I'm currently building version 1 of an online cycling marketplace, which I hope will encourage cycling in general and provide an affordable, friendly and easy to use platform for all types of 'cyclists' (or as I like to put it, people that ride bicycles - the human element of cycling is important to me). The core of this first version is based mainly on individual trading of bikes and bits but there will also be a resources section.

You can see it at http://bikemeup.com.au
I know it's nowhere near perfect yet (and we are still making some tweaks, so please bear with us!), but I'd be most grateful if you could check it out and even help spread the word as more users means more ideas on how to develop it further. It's live so please feel free to list anything, it would be a great help at this early stage :)

I thought you guys might be a friendly bunch to have a look at it first. Feel free to contact me on hello@bikemeup.com.au with any comments/issues.

Thanks in advance for looking and I hope that by engaging with fellow cyclists, we can build a site that we'd all like to use and help get more people on bikes.

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Hey, nice. I quite enjoy trawling through Gumtree with search items like "reynolds" or "shimano 600". Saving money for a trip to Japan at the moment, but a quick search found a couple of bikes Id be interested in (even though I am already at S-1). Will definitely re-visit in a few months when things settle down.

Thanks Bernard!

I hope to have plenty more things on there for you to search through when you do re-visit. Meanwhile, if you ever need to get rid of anything bits (to make room for new stuff, or to raise funds for your trip) then feel free to list them up there ;)

Thanks for checking it out! 

Hi all

Thanks to everyone that had a look at the site. We've now got some more listings so do keep an eye on it and feel free to list anything you might have :)

Appreciate any feedback as always. 


Hi everyone

Just an update on this little project - The site has some more listings now and we were running a Facebook promotion (a free silicon mini LED light if you listed something) to encourage people to list items (so we could collate user feedback and also address the growing trend of unlit cyclists!)

I have a few more of these little lights now and while not publicising that, I would be keen for any Sydney based cyclists to give some listings a shot and I'd of course be happy for you to contact me and grab a light off me as I don't need the hassle/cost of posting them anymore :) 

Or if you prefer to make a quick buck, we also put a post on Facebook today encouraging people to list an item and literally make a quick buck (we promised to send them a buck, just for fun)

Thanks for everyone's support/feedback so far. 



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