A practical and cheap piece of infrastructure, thanks Canada Bay!

A nice couple of paths have been cut through the island blocking the middle of Wrights Rd Drummoyne at Seymour St

Wouldn't have cost too much, and makes the trip through there much less fiddly.

Thank you Canada Bay Council (and I presume the BUG that was in their ear).

Now back to your regular programming...

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'Twas a bit, shall we say, damp this morning to be pulling out the phone. It'll be dark tonight.

I'll see what I can do tomorrow morning.
Geez, they got onto that one quickly! That blockage on a major bicycle route can only have been there for 10 or 15 years already.

Do you think they could turn their hands to fixing access to Gladesville Bridge now? I'd like to see that in my lifetime!
Are you immortal?
I used to be. But then I got old.


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